The Reason Behind Red Light Blinking In Car

A red light blinking in car works as the security indicator. It is the emergency alarm light that keeps the vehicle safe from theft.


Automobile manufacturers install numerous lights in the vehicle for a better driving experience. There are usually LED lights on the dashboard for alerts. Some lights are for normal alerts while others require immediate reaction. 

These lights make the driver aware of something wrong in the vehicle. The light starts to blink continuously to get attention. The cars have red, orange, and white color lights for different purposes. 

And to be more specific this time, let’s learn a little more about the blinking red light with Car From Japan! 

What Is The Purpose Behind Red Light Blinking In Car? (Anti-Theft Light)

The security alarm light blinks continuously even when the vehicle is OFF. The flashing red light is a security light to keep things safe. 

Other color LED lights also come active when the door is left open. Faulty switches or something wrong with the engine can also turn the lights ON.

This kind of red light blinking in car belongs to the anti-theft system. Most manufacturers install this system in vehicles these days. It is also referred to as the immobilizer system. It is imperative to have an immobilizer system in the car.

anti theft light blinking
The red light blinking in car is of the anti-theft system (Photo: pixabay)

The system comes active once you lock the vehicle. It is an ideal safety feature in automobiles. The red light constantly blinks for hours for protection. The active alarm system comes in handy in case of a break-in.


What Can Trigger A Red Light Blinking In Car? (On Dashboard)

Alongside with the blinking red light when car is off showing on the exterior, you can also notice other LED lights of red on the dashboard as well.

Every type of light has a different meaning and varies from one manufacturer to another. However, in the end, they all share quite similar causes for blinking among car models as problems indicators.

Here are some common red blinking light causes for your reference. 

Low battery 

If you are an experienced driver, you may notice that one of the most common reasons for blinking red light on dashboard is a low battery. When your car is low in battery, it will often trigger a warning light of red on the dashboard.

Typically, this will be the time for you to change or replace the battery to ensure performance and driving efficiency.

Engine Issues

A red car warning light can indicate that your car engine is encountering some sources of issues. 

flashing red light means
A warning light can indicate your car engine is encountering some issues. (Photo: Standret)

This may be anything from a low oil level to an exhaust system issue. If you see this light, you should get your vehicle inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Brake System Warning

In case you see some kind of red dot red circle light on dashboard, your automobile may potentially signal a problem with the braking system. This may be due to a lack of braking fluid or worn-out brake pads. 

To avoid any further issues, it’s critical to have this checked out by a specialist as soon as possible.

Faulty Tire Pressure Warning 

A blinking red light on car dashboard may also signal a tire pressure problem. This might be due to anything from low tire pressure to a tire puncture.

To avoid any mishaps, it’s critical to have this checked out by a specialist as soon as possible.

These are just a handful of the most prevalent causes of dashboard red light flashing. If you observe this light, make a note of whether other lights on the dashboard are flashing or lighting up.

blink mini red light
Faulty tire pressure can also ignite the red LED on your car dash. (Photo: Tire Review Magazine)

How Red Light Blinking In Car A Top Safety Feature?

Keeping the red alert blinking light in good shape is necessary. Take the vehicle to the service station immediately if the light is OFF or is continuously ON. The immobilizer system might not be working properly. 

Or there can be a fault with internal switches or wiring. The red light on dashboard stops blinking when you turn on the ignition.

The vehicle sirens come active in case of theft. The engine will not start at any cost. A vehicle stops taking the ignition if anyone tries to start the vehicle unusually.

Some cars have a blue blinking light on the dashboard as well. Red color alerts the thieves to stop making wrong attempts to open the car.

According to experts, replacing the faulty system comes in truly handy. It is the best way to keep your vehicle safe from bad guys.

what does a red flashing light mean
Some cars have a blue blinking light on the dashboard as well (Photo: anpadeh)

FAQs on Red Blinking Light In Car

  1. Do all cars have the red light blinking?

No, not all vehicles have red flashing lights, although the majority of newer models do. 

If your automobile lacks this function and you want to secure it from theft and errors, there are alternative choices available, such as GPS monitoring systems or high qualified problem detectors.

  1. How do you reset the blinking red light for the alarm system?

To reset the red lights alarm, the first step is to locate the alarm system’s reset button. This is normally found next to the system control panel. 

Once you’ve located the reset button, hold it down for a few seconds. This should reset the car alarm and prevent the blinking red light from appearing.

If your vehicle lacks a reset button, you must unplug the battery. Locate the negative terminal on the battery and disconnect the cable.

  1. How can I disable the blinking red light on my car?

There are a few options for turning off or disabling your car’s flashing light. 

The first option is to remove the battery. This will turn off the alarm and stop the red LED from flashing.

Remove the fuse that powers the alarm system to also turn off the light. This may be located in your car’s fuse box beneath the hood. When the fuse is removed, the alarm system is turned off and the light stops flashing.

Lastly, to turn off the light, unplug the cables that link to the alarm system. Remove the panel that covers the alarm system to accomplish this.

Simply unplug the cables from the system once you have access to them. This will turn off the alarm and turn off the light.

  1. How many blinking red lights are in a car?

The quantity of blinking red lights in an automobile varies based on the type and model. Most automobiles, however, will feature at least one or two flashing red lights. These lights are normally seen near the speedometer on the dashboard.

The meaning of the blinking red lights varies based on the brand and model of the car. In most circumstances, however, they are used to signify an issue with the car’s security system or a problem with the brake system, engine, or tire pressure.

If you notice one of these red light on dash blinking, take note of whether other lights on the dashboard are also flashing or lighted up.

Final Words

There you have it! The red light blinking in car offers protection to the vehicle. It keeps things safe and alerts the thieves to stop getting in. 

Moreover, the flashing light on dashboard with the same color also tells you a lot about what is going on within the vehicle inside.

Both are super vital and helpful in all kinds of cases so it’s best to keep a close eye on these blinking lights. For more maintenance tips, follow Car From Japan today!