Symptoms Of Bad Turn Signal Relay

Turn signal relay is the easiest system in your car to analyze and solve when it’s wrong. Unless your signal flasher is working, it will be hard for you to maneuver the car tightly. But the good news is that troubleshooting your bad turn signal relay symptoms isn’t too difficult.

What Is The Turn Signal Relay?

We call the electrical apparatus that dictates turn signal a turn signal relay or hazard. The majority of turn signal lights on road working vehicles are controlled by a flasher, also called a relay which is an electrical component that severes the lights to flash on and off. According to the particular needs of the vehicle, they have a diversity of different shapes, sizes and designs.

Bad Turn Signal Relay Symptoms

A turn signal relay problem is mainly the results of a burned bulb or a malfunctioning turn signal relay. There are many symptoms of a bad turn signal relay problem. Usually a failing turn signals will have some symptoms below that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

Turn Signal Relay Do Not Function

The broken flasher is the most popular symptom of a bad turn signal relay. It can cause the lights do not function when you press the hazard light button. Although this problem may not lead to serious engine performance issues, it’s so dangerous when your turn signals aren’t working.

If the signal blinks really fast, you may have a dead bulb. You can easily replace a turn signal bulb like any broken bulbs. It’s easy to change and doesn’t cost much.

If the bulbs aren’t the cause, you have to change the turn signal flasher for good.


Before changing the turn signal relay, please be sure to check flasher relays for turn signals or hazard lights because they are separate in some cars.

First of all, of course, buy yourself a new turning signal switch. Look for your replay cluster location. Most of vehicle’s owner’s manual book come with your specific model will show exactly where it is about. And for 100% all the car, it’s the join of different electrical components. Next, remove the old turn signal relay and add the new one. And it’s the one and only way to insert the relay. Don’t be worried about installing it incorrectly, it will go in the right way. Also, read our maintenance tips given by the experts to know more about other car problems.

Turn Signal Relay Keep Lighting

Another symptom of a bad turn signal relay is that it stays on, instead of flashing. Despite lighting up, they won’t emerge others that the driver want to turn left/ right or other situation. The mainly result of this problem is electrical issues. Therefore, checking the vehicle regularly is necessary.

Other Lights Fail To Work

In some cases, additional lights such as headlights, running lights, or brake lights may also don’t function along with your turn signal relay. The reason is because these lights may connect through or with your hazards in some cars. So, occasionally, unless your turn signals are wrong, it lead to others light not working.

Further Troubleshooting

If your turn signals still don’t work after you’ve replaced your bad turn signal relay and looked at the bulbs are working, you’ll have to check electricity.

Sometimes, the one thing you should do is checking the connections. You have to access the back of the turn signal housings so as to replace your bulbs. In this location, unplug the connection between your tail lights, front turn signals and the car’s electrical system, then plug them back in one at a time. In some cases, this action may help you to address the problem.

In other case, you should think about the random fuses when your turn signal relay symptom happens. A bad circuit that may seem to have nothing affect to the turn signals or brake lights can somehow cause them to fail.

If you want to know more detail, let’s see the video below: