What Are The Symptoms Of A Burned Exhaust Valve? Explained Here

Burnt exhaust valves are one of the most common car tribulations that car owners may face once in a while. The valves have to undergo colossal pressure and need continuous opening and closing up to twenty-five hundred times per minute. Exhaust valves when not sealed appropriately allows the combustion gases to run off in the valve seat and valve. So, when these combustion gases continuously enter the valve, it leads to the burned exhaust valve.

But one can save the exhaust valve from burning. Well, it starts showing certain symptoms before destroying it completely. So, let’s explore what those symptoms are to secure the valves before it is burnt completely.

Symptoms Of A Burned Exhaust Valve – Explained

Almost anyone with the car will have to face this once in a while. So, here are those symptoms to know that can save you from having those exhaust valve burnt.

1. Poor Engine Performance

A burnt exhaust valve can also reduce the performance and power of the engine. Burnt valves can tend to have huge holes that will leak out all the gases. This eventually reduces the compression, resulting in the poor performance of the engine. The main reason why one can face this issue is not sealing the valves correctly. Also, if you are not fixing other compression problems, chances of burning the exhaust valve is obvious. This will eventually lead to poor power & performance of the engine besides a burned exhaust valve.

Ultimate revelation burned exhaust valve
Truth about burned exhaust valve. (Photo Source: cargurus)

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2. Complexity In Starting The Car

Cars are just like humans. Remember, how low we feel when we are sick. It’s because something inside us is not working fine. The same goes for the cars. When the entire exhaust valve is burnt, how can a car even start normally? Of course, it will, eventually, but then it will certainly show up some symptoms to let you know about the issues going on inside. A burnt valve does not allow the car to gas up, as it should. And, that’s the reason why it doesn’t start immediately when turned on. So, if you are having trouble starting the car, maybe you should check for the burnt exhaust valve.

3. Misfiring

When the cylinder in the engine fails to discharge appropriate amount of fire, it is termed as Misfiring. For the proper working of a cylinder, it is essential for these things to work appropriately, which are good compression, right spark at the right time, and a proper mixture of air and fuel. But when the exhaust valve is burnt, you can expect a proper compression, which is needed to avoid misfires. So, if the cylinders in the engine are misfiring, it is a clear sign of the exhaust valves being burnt. Experts always suggest getting familiar with the symptoms to ensure that you detect the issues in the car before it turns into a bigger and unmanageable one.

Common issue burned exhaust valve
Some points you didn’t know about burned exhaust valve. (Photo Source: ford-trucks)

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The Conclusion

The burned exhaust valve issue is common, and anyone can face it any time. So, getting familiar with these symptoms will surely help you in understanding that the valve has burnt. So, make sure you know these symptoms of burned exhaust valve correctly.