The Death of the Spare Tire – You Get the Repair Kit Instead!

Your new car may not come up with a spare tire. This is because the car manufacturers now avail of the repair kit along. This kit eliminates the need for having a spare tire and let you handle the repair with more ease. So, next time, when you encounter a puncture, you are good to go with the spare tire repair kit.

Let’s dig deeper and know more about the repair kit

Spare Tire: Mending a Puncture with a Repair Kit

The repair kits are in use because mending a bend is far easier than using the jack and lifting your car to change the tire. Replacing the tire is time-consuming as well, and a repair kit just saves you against that.

To work with the repair kit, you first should know if your tire needs work or if it is a puncture. Generally, a flat wheel means a puncture, and at this point, the repair kit is used.

Always remember that if your tire has blown out or if the whole structure is damaged, your car needs to be taken to a professional repair shop.

However, if there is minor damage such as a nail in your tire or if it is a small puncture, you can use the repair kit.

The repair kit comes with:

  • A bottle of sealant
  • A compressor
  • A speed limit sticker.

This sticker is to remind you of the speed at which you should drive such as around 40 mph.

Spare Tire
Using tire repair kit is easy and time-saving. Source: Youtube


How to Inflate the Tire?

Here are some very simple steps to inflating the tire:

  • Get to the dust cap in the tire and remove it.
  • Use the sealant bottle and attach it to the tire valve.
  • After that, take the compressor and attach it to the sealant.
  • Now, you need to attach this compressor to the 12V charger or the cigarette lighter in your car.
  • Switch on your engine and wait for around 10 minutes to inflate your tire.
  • Place all the things back in order such as disconnect the compressor and the bottle of sealant, and replace the dust cap as well.

These steps would let you inflate a tire easily and make it ready to drive the car until you get to a professional. Always remember that repair kit only gives you some time so you can visit the nearest repair shop and get a new tire. Never use the repair kit as an alternative to a new tire.

The Run-Flat Tires Technology

Since November 2014, all automobiles come with TPMS, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This technology lets you drive a few miles after you get a flat tire to reach the nearest repair point. Get to the Maintenance Tips and meet more fantastic tutorials on handling your car better.

However, you should always check the technology before buying your car or if you already have a vehicle, then your car should have it. If it doesn’t then you should not run your car on a flat-tire and arrange an alternative instead.


The elimination of spare tire keeps a car from loading weight around 40 to 50 pounds. Plus, when the spare tire is not there, the factor helps to improve the look of a car. The repair kit has no weight as compared to a spare tire, and hence, it is the innovation of the automobile industry.