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Spare Tire Smaller Than Others – The Reasons

You did not expect it, but the car just got a flat tire and you are stuck somewhere on the way. The only option that comes to rescue here is that spare tire. The tire that was attached along with your vehicle the whole time. Many times, we see a spare tire to be somewhat lighter or smaller than a regular tire. Well, there is a reason behind ‘spare tire smaller than others’ and the same we are going to clarify here.

Spare Tire Smaller Than Others – Types of Spare Tires

The road conditions can always surprise you, and so the automobile manufacturers provide you with an extra tire. This tire can help you covering those miles that take you to a nearby repair shop or your home. Here we are describing the term ‘spare tire’ more clearly and the types of spare tire you can rely on.

The Definition of a Spare Tire

In some cases, spare tires are full-sized tires just like the other tires in your car. When a tire goes flat, these tires allow you to drive as usual. You can cover a distance to any repair shop. You would also not notice any changes in handling or driving the vehicle.

Another case is about a donut tire or ‘spare tire smaller than others.’ These are emergency tires that let you drive to a certain point so you can get a new full-size regular tire. While driving on a donut tire, you cannot and should not operate at a higher speed.

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The reason behind regular spare tires got replaced with donut tire is the lack of usage. Manufacturers realize that the regular spare tires do not get used frequently and so they designed donut tires. Another reason was the weight and convenience. As donut tires are smaller and lighter in size, this type is more in use these days instead of those traditional and heavy regular spare tires.

A Run-Flat Tire

Other than regular and donut – the spare tire different size, there is a new type that is ‘Run-flat tire.’ It is a new approach in automobiles these days that is more advantageous over both types of regular and a donut. Though these tires also need replacement timely, they serve for longer than any other tires in case of a puncture.

A Run-Flat Tire serves even after a puncture that you can cover 50 miles before seeing it failed. It is a pretty good distance you can cover and reach the repair shop. You can even reach your destination without worrying about the replacement any soon. Maintain your car even better by reading out tips from Maintenance Tips.

Spare tire smaller than others – Here is Why  (Photo Source: philkotse)


The convenience is the primary reason on ‘spare tire smaller than others.’ These small tires are space-saving, and light in weight. They can make you reach to any nearby repair shop where you can get ready to drive again.

Though you can always approach for run-flat tires if they already come with your vehicle, ask experts before installing them to an automobile that does not add up run-flat tires by default.

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