Why Fuse Keeps Blowing in Car?

Are the car’s lights, wipers, radio, or any component, which requires a certain amount of electric energy doesn’t work often? The reason could be the fuse keeps blowing in car. No doubt, it’s quite easy to find and fix this fault.

However, to prevent such issues from occurring in near future, it’s wise to follow its maintenance tips because this could prevent both, the frequent fuse blown ups and component damage in the process.

What Causes Fuse Keeps Blowing in Car

Every vehicle equipped with the fuse box has it somewhere hidden within the glove box, below the steering column, or near the feet area. This safety box comprises of fuses with strips of wire, which melts during the excess current flow in the circuit.

Usually, the mechanics these days, replace the faulty fuse without looking further into the causes of its occurrence. As a result, the fuse keeps blowing in the car often. So, if you wish to get rid of this problem from its roots, consider looking for the culprits causing the continual blow of the same fuse in the car.

1. Incorrect Fuse Size or Damaged Amplifier

When the wires of the amplifier are connected in the wrong fuse or being tossed in the vehicle, it damages the internal structure of the component and causes the fuse to blow up as soon the power is supplied.

Otherwise, it would end up damaging the car’s components by causing a fire in the electrical system of the vehicle. So, whenever the amplifiers are installed, do check the power wire and the fuse opening to avoid any sort of damage.

2. Resistance

The damaged power wire or the one lesser in diameter causes the abundance of resistance. As a result, the amp has to work hard, resulting more heat in the system, which let the fuse, keeps blowing in car.

How fuse keeps blowing in car
Resistance is the cause for fuse keeps blowing in car. Source: Car Throttle

Therefore, to maintain the internal safety of the amplifier, you need to make sure that less heat is generated. And in this regard, keep the wire at least 10 gauge in size, irrespective of the power rating so that electric current flows easily into the system.

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3. Inappropriate Connection with the Ground

Spikes could cause the fuse to pop if the wires are damaged or the ground chord is not connected properly. Therefore, to prevent this problem, trace the connection of the ground wire (usually black in color) to the chassis and check for any damage that could cause any hindrance.

However, if the chords appear decent; look at the connection point, where the wires may be loose. Next, fasten them slightly, or else it would shut off the amplifier or cause the fuse to blow.

4. Grounded Power Wire

In case the power wire (responsible for hot connection) that is attached to the battery is grounded, then the fuse keeps blowing in car. This one specific fuse is embedded for the pop-up purpose only so that the amplifier stays intact in the process.

Power wire causes fuse keeps blowing in car
Grounded Power Wire causes fuse keeps blowing in car. Credit: Getty Images

After knowing the actual reasons of fuse blown up, it’s wise to consult the vehicle’s manual first (for a better understanding of the fuse design and location in your car).