What Are The Possible Causes Of EPS Malfunction? Know Here

Nowadays, all the automobile companies have started manufacturing cars with Electronic Power Steering or EPS, while some companies still use the Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS). An electric powered steering is much more advantageous than the traditional ones. The EPS works with an electric motor attached to the steering and column drive for turning the car swiftly. The control unit of these motors features with few sensors connected to the vehicle’s electric power. In hydraulic steering, a lot of force is required to move the wheels whereas; things are a little different with the electric steering. But, at sometimes EPS malfunction takes place because of some damages inside the steering wheel or arch.

Let’s find out some reasons for why EPS breakdown takes place.

What Is EPS Malfunction And Why Does It Occur?

When the steering wheel gets struck or disengages from the electric motor, EPS malfunctioning occurs. It usually happens because of the rust and water inside the arch or aging of the tightening rubbers. The Electric Power Steering works on electric motor attached with wheel axle to turn the car. But, the rubbers and motor get damaged after a certain period due to aging or by other means.

Let’s talk about the reasons that cause EPS malfunction

1. Over Speed vs Bumpy Roads

Driving with higher speed over rough roads is another way to EPS malfunction. If one really wants to preserve the EPS system, then slowing down the car on rough roads would be an ultimate choice. In addition, the tightened rubber rings also get loose with over speed on the bumpy roads. One can easily notify the rusty steering arch if it starts making noises when turned. So, you must slow down the car while driving on the rough roads to treat your car with great care.

Learn about EPS malfunction
Ultimate revelation of EPS malfunction (Photo Source: youtube)

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2. Too Much Water – Flooded Roads

One must avoid going through the watery roads to stay away from EPS damage. This is because the electric motor of EPS is connected with the arch and it comes in direct contact with the water. The water can damage the electric motor in no time and you have to face the stuck EPS. The big catch about electric motor and arch is that it is non-repairable and one has to replace it with the new one.

So, now you might wonder how to fix electric power steering problems? Here is the answer. Most of the car companies install the electric motor and related stuff inside the car cabin to avoid these dilemmas, which is a great approach. One can refer to maintenance tips from professionals for more info.

3. Aging Of The EPS System

One must not forget to replace the aged parts of the EPS system from time to time for proper care of the vehicle. When the steering starts making unusual noises or the EPS car light starts blinking, it’s time to inspect the entire system properly. The suitable age of EPS system is five years and one must take care of it on time. This is quite helpful to protect the EPS system from malfunctioning.

Truths behind EPS malfunction
Causes for EPS malfunction (Photo Source: stablevehiclecontracts.)

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The Final Words

All in all, these were some of the reasons that cause EPS malfunction. So, take care of these issues and stay away from any troubles that might occur later on while driving.