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Top Reasons for Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

Driving a car involves different types of noises, but not all of them are normal. One such sound is the noise when turning steering wheel while stationary. It is the indication of some grave issues with the car, and you must not overlook it.

Top Reasons for Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

Here are the reasons for the noise that occurs at the time of turning the steering wheel. If this happens, you must contact a technician to fix them.

Dry Jounce Bushing

The location of the jounce bushing is at the top of the front strut. There will be creaking or groaning sounds during steering wheel turning if the bushing becomes dry. The noise will increase with time if you do not fix this problem.

turning steering wheel noise
There could be several reasons for the sound from the steering wheel. (Source: Skitterphoto / PixaBay)

Faulty Power Steering Rack

If the power steering rack is in bad condition, there will be a whining sound while turning. Sometimes, a bad belt or vane pump may also cause the same noise.

Damaged Steering Column Bearing

The upper bearing on the steering column can also cause a loud rubbing noise while turning the steering wheel. This sound appears when the plastic on the back of some steering wheels rubs against the steering column cowling. In summer or hot weather, this becomes a common issue as the heat extends the car parts.

Bad Struts and Shocks

Although struts and shocks usually provide service for a long time, they will ultimately wear down. Initially, there will be only noises. If you do not fix it, the car will also bounce while turning.

Worn Tie Rod Ends

During the movement of the steering wheel, tie rods help the car wheels to move in response. If the tie rod is loose or damaged, there will be a knocking or creaking sound. It becomes prominent while turning the steering wheels at a slow speed.

Dry Ball Joints

Ball joints help in the smooth movement of the steering knuckles and control arms. These joints also need sufficient lubrication for functioning efficiently. If these become dry due to the lack of lubrication, there will be noise. Dry ball joints can also be the reason for steering wheel shakes.

Bad Control Arm Bushings

The control arm bushings will wear out over time. The wear and tear of arm bushing cause a creaking sound which is audible when turning the steering wheel.


Leaking Power Steering Fluid

Power steering requires fluid for lubrication and smooth steering. If fluid storage has leakage, the vehicle will produce noise. If the tank has a low level of power steering fluid, it means there is a leak.

Clogged Reservoir of Power Steering Fluid

The steering tank stores power steering fluid. If the tank becomes clogged for any reason, it will generate a noise when turning.


If you hear noise when turning steering wheel while stationary, it is not a good sign and requires immediate action. Resolve the causing factor by diagnosing the root cause of this problem. Above all, perform regular service maintenance to avoid severe steering problems.

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