Key Stuck in Ignition- Causes and Solutions you Must Know!

Ugghhh! That’s how we feel once the key is stuck in the ignition, right? And what we believe at that point is that it will never come out of the ignition. Well, we understand that it is a nerve-racking chore, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. Also, this problem needs to be solved; one can’t leave the key in the ignition like that. So, when key stuck in ignition, one surely need to do something to get his car back to normal again.

TIP: No matter how panicky you feel, or how high your frustration levels are, never forcefully pull the key. This harsh attempt to pull the key out can actually put you in a bigger blunder by either breaking the key or damaging the car.

So, it goes fine if you keep your cool, rotate the key in the ignition counterclockwise, and see if that happens smoothly. In case, you repeat this process, and the key is still stuck, find the possible causes for the key stuck in the ignition.

Key Stuck in Ignition- Causes, the Actual Ones

As we said, if the process of removing the key from the ignition is not smooth, chances of some other possible cause are higher. So, why not get into some of those causes now.

Scrutinize the Ignition Cylinder

Is it wearing out or on the edge of deteriorating? If yes, the key won’t come out! Thinking what is the connection between key stuck in ignition and the cylinder. Well, there are number of pins inside the ignition lock, which are spring-loaded. So, once the ignition cylinder is damaged or under-performing, there will be issues in these pins as well. These pins will lose its alignment, due to which the key won’t be able to fit the ignition like it should. So, all you will be left with a stuck key in the ignition.

The guide to solving the mystery behind key stuck in the ignition
How to work with ignition when key is stuck inside? (Photo Source: chevroletcars)

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Your Car Key is not Clean

Yes, this could be the reason too that the key of your vehicle is stuck in the ignition. Have you ever tried to tear that sticky tape from the car key or removed debris from certain corners or areas of the car? Well, if you are nodding your head right now, then you must know that the debris and dirt glued to the key is the reason why it is still there in the ignition. The gluey tape blocks the connection between the key and the ignition pins. Hence, key doesn’t work like it should.

Have you Checked the Gear?

Well, if not, it is time you stop pulling the key forcefully, and check if the gear is set to ‘Park Mode’ or not. If you can’t remove key from ignition, set your gear to park mode first, and then try to remove the key. Possibly, it will work! And, if it doesn’t work even after that then there is possibly another reason that is not allowing the key to come out.

Car in parking mode
Parking gear can solve the issue of your car keys stuck in the ignition (Photo Source: autoexpress)

The Key is Smashed Up

We take care of our cars, clean it, and take it to professionals for servicing, and whatnot. Do we ever take care of the car key, as such? Surely, there is nothing much to do with the car key, but a small cleaning session with car key can make it happy. The keys bear a lot of mistreatment right from the day we buy it to the day it does not work. Gradually, with continuous usage and mishandling, it starts to get damage. Any possible breaks, bends, or cracks in the key will halt the normal working of the key.

Removing Key from the Ignition- The Solutions that Work

Now the question is how to get the key out of ignition? There has to be some process of doing so, right! Well, yes, certain points can help you remove the key from the ignition safely, and here is it:

Charge the Car Battery

Don’t halt the normal functioning of the vehicle, just because the car battery is dead. Key won’t come out of ignition until and unless the battery is aptly charged. Avoid the battery to drain completely, instead, charge it and then try to remove the stuck key. This always works, which is not possible on low voltage.

Charge your car's battery
Battery car charger (Photo Source: tracytirepros)

Lock Lubrication Works Too

Oil up the lock. Grab a spray bottle for easy oiling. Simply pour any oil you have at that moment in the spray bottle, and spray it in the lock. Lubricating the ignition lock will move the key quickly, making it easier for you to remove it without any hindrance.

Shake Steering Wheel

Jiggling the steering wheel back and forth also works. Sometimes, the steering wheels lock, and then you will not be able to remove the stuck key. The key stuck in ignition and car won’t start scenario can happen to anyone and anywhere. So, back to jiggling the wheel, when you do that, it pressurizes the ignition lock mechanism. It helps in removing the key easily from the ignition. Just make sure to move the steering slightly to eject the key easily.

Car steering shake
Shaking Steering Wheel to Pull Out Stuck Car Key (Photo Source: gettyimages)

Nothing Better than the Professionals

If you have tried all of these ways to get out of the problem, but still stuck there, don’t hesitate to call a mechanic workshop right away. They are the masters; they know it all. Professionals have answers to how to get key unstuck from ignition. So, when everything you have tried fails, and nothing seems to be in your control, calling the professionals would do. You can even ask the professionals for maintenance tips, if something has been injured in the vehicle.

Professional working in workshop
Solve ‘Key Stuck in Ignition Issue’ with Professionals (Photo Source: olx)

The Crux

It is exasperating dealing with the key stuck in ignition. No one wishes to deal with such situation, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. So, it is better we prepare ourselves with specific tips and solve the problem right there and then. We mean what better than having solutions at hand even before the problems occur, right!