Installing LED Interior Car Lights: Make the Space Amazing Inside

LEDs or the Light-emitting diodes are one of the dominating kinds of components when it comes to lighting agents. They have been in the run for years, but these days they are widely used. To create dramatic lighting effects, installing led interior car lights is an excellent choice since you can go customized as you want.

Using the LED strips, you can customize your car lighting in a way that it makes the interior even more mesmerizing. Today, we are going to tell you how you can replace your car’s existing light with LED strips and choose the color of your choice.

Installing Led Interior Car Lights: The Easy Process to the Heavenly Aura

The LED chip is a formation of tiny components that are sealed very securely with the epoxy covering. The wiring bonded to this formation transfers the power to the bulbs. Let’s see how you can replace the existing lighting with the LED strips. This way, you can change the appearance of the dome light, glove box light, trunk light, and other lights.

Locate Lights

To know installing led interior car lightsyou need to locate the lights first that you want to replace. Access the areas of the car where you want to make changes. It is okay if you want an area to be the same and only want the LEDs in a specific area.

How to install led light in car
LED strips are available in many colors and multi colors (Photo Source: auto)


Remove Bulb Cover

The next task on how to install led light in car is about removing the bulbs that are already there. You can do it by removing the cover from the bulbs so you can put them off without getting them damaged. In most cases, a vehicle’s manual navigates the way to remove the cover, or the cover simply pops out.

In some cars, you may need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws, whereas, in some, the cover can be removed easily. Whatever the case is, make sure you do not damage the lights while detaching.

Choose the right LED bulbs

Going further on how to install led interior lights, determine which LED strip is the most compatible with the system and use the same. Not every kind of LED bulb fits inside every type of socket. You can have a quick solution by taking your car to a professional and get the recommendations.

Well, the key to finding the perfect LED strip is to check the connector. If the connector of the LED strip goes well with your existing connector, this is the right choice.

Connect the LED Bulb

Now it comes to connecting the LED bulbs with the connector. You should always make sure if the strip is working with the connector and if it is not fluctuating. This way, once the LED strip is working fine on connection, you can now proceed to do the covering part.

So once you have installed the lighting and if everything seems fine, it is time to put things back in order. Get the lens cover and clean any dust, dirt, and debris that are there before putting on and securing the lighting system.

How to install led interior lights
Locate dashboard lights and take them off before installing LEDs (Photo Source: magiclightbulbs)

Why should you replace the typical lighting with LED?

You don’t have to deal with the usual white lights as now you can change them with the LED strips. There are so many benefits of using these LED lights, and appearance has the utmost importance. These lights are available in many colors, so one needs to use his imagination and make your car’s interior look amazing.

The next thing is efficiency, the LED lights are known to use less energy than usual bulbs, and they also produce less heat. This makes the LED lights a better alternative to exiting car lights. There are lots of Maintenance Tips as well that let even a novice install the LED lights.

Installing the LED lights comes so effortlessly, and the outcome is rewarding that no one have has to miss the fun. Toss a few LED strips, check the compatible connector, and install these lights as you prefer.

The quality of brightness and longevity are two important factors that make anyone consider the LED bulbs. These bulbs serve for longer, and it is straightforward to buy them in the first place. Also, it comes easy to replace them once they serve their purpose or go bad. They are so inexpensive that you won’t even feel like spending.

Installing led interior car lights
LED lighting serves for longer and it is customizable (Photo Source: bmwfaq)


Installing led interior car lights is pretty straightforward and affordable that you can drop the idea of having those traditional car lights forever. Experiment with different colors and patterns and let your car shine in its full glory.