How to Straighten The Steering Wheels? The Right Way to do it!

It feels great to have a good control over your car but sometimes it becomes hard to keep the wheels aligned. If even after turning the steering wheel the right way, your car moves in the wrong direction, consider straightening the steering wheel. And, if the question “How to straighten the steering wheel” is bothering you; the following procedure would definitely help you big time.

How to Straighten the Steering Wheel

The steering wheel stability is a must in vehicles when it comes to enhancing driving comfort. Shaky the steering wheels ruin the driving experience of any car enthusiast. But do not worry as this is not an issue you can’t deal with. This off-centering of the steering wheel can be fixed easily by following certain guidelines and instructions.

1. Process Initializing and Slackening the Nuts

The first step towards straightening the steering wheel involves driving your car in a straight line without any deviations. Following that, park it in a spacious place and lift it on floor jacks for easily reaching the tie rods. Next comes slackening off the tie rod nuts. A big wrench should be your tool when it comes to releasing the tie rod nuts. Let the wrench clutch around the nut and turn it half way so that it loosens a bit.

One thing to remember here is that you need not take out the nut completely; it is just the loosening that needs to be done.

Knowing How to straighten the steering wheel
Aligning and Adjusting the steering wheel. Source: Carsworld

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2. Work upon the steering Wheel

Once the inner tie rod nuts have been loosened, get in your car. Get a hold on the steering wheel and try straightening it by whirling it a number of times. Make sure the alignment is perfect and if you are naïve and don’t have any idea about alignment, seeking professional help is advisable. This will ensure safety and effectiveness of job at hand. You could also look for maintenance tips that can help you know the mechanism of the steering wheel alignments.

3. Align and Adjust a String in a Parallel Fashion

This step answers “How to straighten the steering wheel”. Firstly, find an unbreakable thread that is as long as your car. Start from one of the ends of the thread and wind it on any unwavering object. Make sure the object is high enough to match the height of the center of the wheel. Repeat the process with the other end while making sure the thread runs through the center of the wheels. For adjusting the string make use of a measuring tape by placing it on the wheel’s rim on the rear end of the car.

Check the distance between the wheel’s rim and the thread. Repeat the process on the other end of the same wheel. If the measurements turn out to be equal, the alignment is done. But if not, adjust the string distance to ensure an equal measurement or adjust the tie rods again. Repeat the process on the other wheel.

Tips to know How to straighten the steering wheel
Steps to follow to straighten the steering wheel. Source: Youtube

4. Tighten the Nuts And You Are Ready To Go

The last step involves tightening of the loosened tie rod nuts again. You can do that by using the wrench and make sure that the wheels do not move. Repeat the process on the other wheel. Now you are good to go. To make sure that everything has been perfectly done, go for a test drive. If the driving experience becomes better, you have done a good job. And, if the problem continues to affect the driving experience, you need to work through the mentioned steps again.

Whenever “How to straighten the steering wheel” is revolving around your head, following this simple procedure will enhance your driving experience. However, keep in mind that consulting the right professional is never too late if you are stuck anywhere in between.