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How To Stop A Manual Car The Right Way?

So, you are wondering how to stop a manual car and you don’t know how to do it right. Well, it is not rocket science, as all you need is practice and learning the right steps to do it. Below we are explaining step by step how to stop a manual car the right way.

How to Stop a Manual Car Like a Pro?

Well, it involves a few steps to learning how to stop a car smoothly. Also, you will need to learn some maintenance tips to understand and maintain your vehicle properly. Let’s explore the steps here:

Step 1: Push the Brake Pedal, Coast the Gear

Let’s start from the start. The first step is to start the car for which you need to push the brake pedal and coast the gear. Now move slowly on the road, allowing the car to run normally.

How to stop a car smoothly
You can even shift to the second gear before you stopping in a manual car. (Source: Colourbox)


Step 2:  Watch out the Gear

If you are running your vehicle in the first gear, then you will have to keep the clutch pushed in. You can even shift to the second gear before you stopping in a manual car.

Step 3:  Put Your Hazards On

It is important to abide by the driving rules, hence, putting your hazards on before you place your right foot on the brake and push.

Step 4: RPMs Should Drop

Now, press the clutch when your vehicle reaches 1500 RPM and slowly push the brake to stop completely. The RPMs will drop now because the clutch is completely depressed. If you wish to stop your vehicle completely, then you need to press the clutch, and then press the brake slowly to stop your manual vehicle.

In case, you are just stopping at the signal or waiting for pedestrians to cross the road, then you just need to push put your vehicle in first gear to keep your car standing in one place, without stopping the gas.

Put it in neutral if you wish to release the clutch and stop there for a while, Otherwise just select the first gear and keep moving.

Stopping in a manual car
If you wish to stop your vehicle completely, then you need to press the clutch. (Source: Pitcrew Car Service)

Some Important Points!

How do you stop in a manual car? The process for stopping your manual car remains the same for first, second, third, fourth, fifth gear. The only difference is that you should gauge your vehicle and feel the engine. If the engine starts to shake and you are, let’s say at 2000 RPMs, then you can push the clutch at that time depending on what gear you are in.

The higher the gear you are in when you are coming to stop in a manual car, the higher the RPMs should be when you push the clutch in.

In case, you are at the lower gear, you should push the clutch in at lower RPMs. If you are stopping at first gear let the car drop to 1200 RPMs, or maybe 1000 RPMs, before pressing in the clutch.

That’s basically it! That’s how to stop a manual car. 

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