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How to Reset the ESP Light on a Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz owners often face the issue of ESP malfunction. As a result, the ABS and ESP light on Mercedes always remains turned on. Therefore, every driver should know how to reset the ESP light on a Mercedes Benz.

What Does ESP Stand for?

The complete form of ESP is “Electronic Stability Program.” Mercedes-Benz developed this system a long time ago, even before the establishment of the Hyundai brand.

With the help of multiple sensors, it stabilizes the car during events such as over-steering, under-steering, cornering, and slipping.

The basic principle of this system is to detect if any particular wheel rotates at a faster rate than the other wheels of that car. ABS sensors monitor the rotation speed of each wheel to find out which one is rotating at a higher speed. Then, the ESP control module applies brake pressure to the faster wheel and reduces its spinning rate.

esp mercedes benz
ESP indicator on the dashboard. (Source: Mercedes Medic)

How to Reset the ESP light on a Mercedes Benz

In certain ESP light malfunction cases, the light stays switched on. It may happen because the driver hit the ESP button on the dashboard accidentally. To fix that, hold down the ESP switch for three to five seconds. Then, check if the light turns off by itself as it resets.

If pressing the switch does not reset the system, or if the light keeps flashing, there could be some problem in the ESP system. In those scenarios, call a technician or visit a repair shop to find out the issues.

Reasons for Mercedes ESP Light Malfunction

Because of the following reasons, the ESP Mercedes-Benz light may stay turned on.

1. Brake Light Switch

One can find this switch above the brake pedal, and it tends to fail frequently.

2. ABS Wheel Sensor

If the ABS wheel speed sensors fail, the ESP light will turn on. Users may need to replace a faulty sensor to reset the ESP light.

3. ABS Module

The module puts a brake on the individual wheel to help the car stay on the road. An improperly working ABS module might be the reason why one may need to reset the ESP light.

4. Low Battery Voltage

If the old Mercedes-Benz battery is unable to supply the required voltage, ESP light malfunction may happen. Sometimes, the car battery can start the car but cannot maintain the necessary voltage once the vehicle is running. If the battery age is over 6 or 7 years, replace it.


5. Steering Angle Sensor

It is in the steering column, behind the steering wheel. This sensor calculates the steering wheel angle. ESP control module uses the input from the steering angle sensor. Although it usually does not fail, it may need calibration. One can use a scanner to decode the steering angle sensor values before correcting the problem.


Now you know how to reset the ESP light on a Mercedes Benz. Try these easy solutions to reset the light. If that does not help, carefully go through the reasons and see which one might be responsible for the ESP issue.

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