How to Replace Battery Terminals in 7 Simple Steps

Batteries are the must-have component of any car, and battery terminals work as the bridge between the battery and the battery charger. Over time, the battery terminals get brittle and corroded. It becomes a concern for car owners, and they start to look for battery terminal replacement without much hassle. This article about how to replace battery terminals will answer all the questions related to replacing car battery terminals. Before proceeding to the main discussion, let’s learn about the battery terminals in brief.

What is a Battery Terminal?

Battery terminals are the electrical connections used to connect a charger to a battery, which can be a single cell or multi-cell. These terminals are available in numerous types and sizes. For the rechargeable automotive batteries, the “Auto Post Terminal” or SAE terminal is the most common type.

battery terminal replacement
Corroded terminals need to be replaced. Image Credit: Ktcables

How to Replace Battery Terminals in 7 Simple Steps

This section will describe how to change a battery terminal in some quick steps. Let’s start:

1# Open the car hood.

Open the car hood and find out the battery terminals you need to replace. These terminals are located at the top of the battery and contain a (+) or (-) sign. You have to remove the (-) terminal first to avoid an electric shock or short circuit.

2# Loosen the terminal nuts.

On the side of each terminal, there will be a nut. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nut by rotating it.

3# Move the terminals.

Move the terminal away from the battery node. Grab it with a rag or towel. Do not let it come in contact with the node. Remove the positive terminal using the same steps.

4# Remove the wire plate.

Now, carefully remove the wire plate from the bolts and put them on the side. Since the terminals are disconnected already at this point, users may use their hands to remove the plates.


5# Replace terminals and wire plates.

Replace the old battery terminals with the new ones. Similarly, change the wire plates in the same order after removing.

6# Secure various parts.

Put the flat washer and the screw-on head given with the new battery terminal sequentially on the vertically placed bolt. Rotate the bolt head to secure the wire plates. If you do get only a nut with the battery terminal, tighten the bolt.

7# Attach the terminals nuts.

Use a rag to put the positive and negative terminals back on (+) and (-) node one by one. Tighten the side nut of the negative terminal with the wrench. Perform the same action on a positive terminal to complete battery terminal replacement.

replacing car battery terminals
Replacement needs some mechanical knowledge. Source: ParataMoto

Warnings and Tips

Make sure to turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition before initiating the process for complete safety.

After completing the steps, check if the terminal easily comes off or not. Only a snugged nut will guarantee a secure connection.


We have attempted to explain the procedures of how to replace battery terminals. Remember that you have to follow all the steps and pay heed to the warnings to ensure the complete safety.