How to Repair Convertible Top (No Sewing)

A soft convertible top can tear, rip, or develop a hole. Sewing is the cheapest fix but not everyone likes this option. Also, you will need to think about waterproofing the sewed part. How to repair convertible top without sewing? There are some easy options and we’ll discuss one that you can perform at your home.

Remember that proper care and fixing any damage at the very beginning will extend the lifespan of your convertible’s cloth top.

How to Repair Convertible Top (No Sewing)

A convertible’s top has to endure considerable tension all the time. If there is a tiny rip or hole, it will tear across the top in no time because of that huge tension. Here’s an easy DIY method to repair a convertible top.

Items You’ll Need

  • A piece of canvas cloth
  • Adhesive
  • A caulk gun
  • Clear adhesive sealant
  • Glass cleaner
  • A squeegee
  • A pair of scissors
  • A marker or a piece of chalk

Steps to Follow

Before starting the fixing process, you will need to prepare the damaged area by cleaning it thoroughly. Move the car to a shaded place and remove the dust and dirt surrounding the tear. You have to clean the area from both outside and inside. Wait for it to dry up before moving to the repair part.

repair a convertible top
Fixing a convertible top needs patience. (Credit: Mechanics Stackexchange Forum)

Cut a Patch

With scissors, cut the canvas cloth into an oval or circular shape, as long as it is large enough to cover the tear or hole. If it’s a long tear, a rectangular shape covering the whole length of the tear will be a more practical choice.
Around the tear/hole, draw an outline on the inside of the cloth top with a marker or chalk. It should be slightly smaller than the patch. You can place the patch on the damaged spot for drawing the contour perfectly.

Apply Adhesive

Apply a layer of adhesive on the outlined area and one side of the patch. Wait for some time, around 10 to 15 minutes, for the glue to dry up.

Reapply Adhesive

Reapply the glue on the same areas and wait until those places become slightly sticky. If touching the patch leaves no adhesive residue on your finger, you can move on to the next step of attaching it to the marked area.

Set the Patch

Put the patch on the outlined area and apply pressure on it from both sides with your hands. Keep the pressure for at least 30 seconds for the patch to set properly. Once it’s attached properly, the convertible top is not only fixed but also waterproof.


Fix the Exterior

The exterior of the convertible will still show the hole/rip. You can leave it as it is or do some cosmetic fixing to make it nearly invisible. Use a caulk gun to apply sealant on the tear line. Trim the canvas cloth to collect a pile of short-cut fibers and put them on the tear line to hide it. Apply more sealant on the trimmed fabrics and spread them evenly with a paintbrush. Wait for a while for the sealant to dry up.

Clean the Area

Apply glass cleaner on the fixed area and its surroundings and then wipe off with a squeegee. Wait for a day or two to let everything dry up properly. Well, this is how to repair convertible top without sewing and breaking a sweat.