How To Remove Bugs From Car: The Cheapest Solutions

The cheery summer comes with fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and happiness. But it also comes with clouds of bugs. A long road trip will leave your car with scores of bug corpses. Depending on the area you live in, the spring and fall seasons could also have insects in the air. How to remove bugs from car? There are plenty of cheap home remedies that do a good job in removing the midges from the vehicle.

Is there any way to avoid bugs? The only way is to stop driving in those times of the year which is not a practical solution.

How To Remove Bugs From Car: Homemade Remedies

Removing bugs from cars takes a little more effort than just a quick car wash. The bad news is you can’t even leave them on for too long as the corpses will get harden and stuck to the car, damaging the paint job. Besides, scads of dead insects on the windshield and side-view mirrors cut down visibility.

Apply these methods to get rid of bugs in your car:

how to remove bugs from car
Soapy water does a good job in removing those spots. (Photo Source: automedia)

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Warm Water And Soap

The readily available cleaning solution can work wonder in removing bug corpses and splatter. Mix them in a spray bottle and sprinkle on the stained areas. Use an old cotton rag or microfiber towel to scrub gently away the bug residue. Baby shampoo instead of soap will also work. Just remember to apply gentle pressure so that you don’t damage the car paint or clear overcoat.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The liquid is a “one-stop-shop” for plenty of cleaning problems. The eraser is similar to high-grit sandpaper. So, apply it with a light hand when you are removing the bug splatter. If you overdo accidentally, apply a coat of polish to fix the paintwork.


This is another versatile cleaning solution that you can use everywhere from your kitchen to the car. The good news is you can use it on the car’s exterior, windshield, windows, and upholstery. It can even clean the incredibly sticky tree sap.

how to remove bugs from car
Spray Windex on the bug-infested spots and wait for a few minutes to let the liquid set in. (Photo Source: carfromjapan)


Spray Windex on the bug-infested spots and wait for a few minutes to let the liquid set in. Then, wipe off with a microfiber towel. You can mix in dish soap to make the solution stronger but Windex itself is an effective cleaner.

Baby Oil

How to remove bugs from car with a cheap solution? Baby oil is another cheap, versatile ingredient on this list that can do plenty of things including setting up your frizzy hair to removing dead bugs from the car.

Pour some oil on a cotton ball and rub the ball on the bug-splattered areas. Or, you can just pour the oil directly onto those spots, wait for a while, and then wipe off with a piece of cloth. This is such a mild solution that does not damage the paint job at all.