How To Put On Steering Wheel Cover In Car

Do you know the most affected part of the car’s interior? Well, it’s the one used widely and has the great chances of wearing out quickly – The Steering Wheel. Therefore, to protect it from harsh weather conditions and to save hands of the driver from any damage, steering wheel cover usage is the great choice. However, before selecting the one for your car, it is better to understand how to put on steering wheel cover for a better grip of the wheel.

Types Of Steering Wheel Cover

As per the popular brands available in the market, the covers are mainly available in leather, rubber, and synthetic mesh material in six varied sizes. So, measure the diameter of the steering wheel and select an appropriate steering wheel cover size available from the list below.

A – 15 ½” x 3”
B – 16 ¾” x 3”
C- 15” X 4”
AX – 15” x 3 ½”
BX – 16 ½” X 3 ½”
AXX – 15” x 3 ¾”

Here, the first figure represents the diameter and the second defines the grip of the wheel.

How To Put On A Steering Wheel Cover

Necessary Things Needed

Understand how to put on steering wheel cover
Explore how to put on steering wheel cover


In order to install the steering wheel cover, firstly it’s important to list and collect all the essential things, which are required for its installation. Here are the list:

  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Vinyl Cleaner
  • Needle and Thread (for final installation)

The Procedure

In order to understand how to put on steering wheel cover, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Firstly, in order to remove any mold growth or bacteria on the car-controlling wheel, wipe it using vinyl cleaner.

Step 2: Next, start the wrapping of the wheel from its top to bottom by pushing the cut inside the steering-wheel guard. For this, holds the cover with one hand and with the second push it after every few inches. With this, you would also prevent the slipping of the cover in athe bottom half area.

Step 3: Then, adjust the cover on the steering wheel in such a way that it appears even from all the sides.

Step 4: Afterwards, lace the cover with the steering wheel for its proper fitting. In this regard, unwind the holes in the steering wheel cover and stitch them tightly with each other. By this, the wheel cover would stay in one place.


Step 4(a): Some of the steering wheel covers do not have a hole for the wheel’s lacing. In such cases, use needle and thread to sew the steering wheel cover tightly over the provided map area.

Tips And Warnings When Putting On A Steering Wheel Cover

  • To have more professional look, you can trim up the inner ring of the steering wheel cover by an utility knife.
  • If getting the steering wheel cover starting with the top is difficult, try to start at the bottom. Whereas forcing the last part of the cover on, be careful not to hit yourself in the face, though.

Reasons To Install The Steering Wheel Cover

1. Convenient During Vehicle Vibration

During wheel vibration, the cover on it provides a better hold while a person is driving. Obviously, there are plenty of reasons causing steering wheel to shake. While the steering vibrates, steering wheel covers can help you have a better hold.

2. Prevent Wheel From Degenerating

The new cars are usually equipped with the covers. However, these wraps worn out at times because of the friction generated due to the driver’s palm. Therefore, if the wheel is covered, it prevents the tearing of the wheel-wrap and increases the grip.

3. Protection Against Extreme Climate

During varied weather conditions, like in rainy season, the wheel gets slippery and in winters, there are chances of developing cracks. Therefore, covering it is the wisest thing to do.

How to put on steering wheel cover on the car
How to put on steering wheel cover in the right way. Source: Insight Trending

4. Adds Elegance To Car

Other than these advantages of steering wheel cover installation, steering wheel covers also make your car more elegant and add the aesthetic aspect for your car

After knowing how to put on steering wheel cover, now you can easily follow the maintenance tips of the steering wheel and save yourself from spending some extra money on its repair afterward.