How To Make Car AC Colder In Summer

Your car’s air conditioner doesn’t keep you cool enough or give you much comfort in the hot summer and you need the temperature in your car to be colder? Don’t worry! We will show you some easy hacks you can apply to make your car AC a lot cooler. Let’s deep down at the question of how to make car AC colder in the summer.

How To Make Car AC Colder?

Some drivers are concerned that why my car ac is not cooling enough. You should understand that on a sunny day, the car’s air conditioner often works overloaded, especially when starting the car after being parked in the sun for a long time. Sometimes the capacity of the air conditioner is still not enough to satisfy the driver in the muggy weather so you still feel sweaty even the car AC is on because the amount of cool air is not enough in the car.

Normally, when starting your car after a long time parked outside, drivers often turn on the cold mode to its full extent to quickly cool the cockpit. This is partly true, but not necessarily right because it will affect the lifespan of other devices on your car. You may have thought that using the car air conditioner is simply the act of turning it on and off. However, if used incorrectly, the car air conditioner will be not cold and consume a lot of fuel. 

The AC system has the function to cool down the space in your car in the summer heat and anyone can set the temperature to be suitable for the cockpit, however, there will have some tips we share with you to help your AC cooler for car and burn less fuel. Finding out how to make your car ac colder?

why my car ac is not cooling
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Don’t turn on the air conditioner before getting in your car

Car AC will work much better when you are actually driving, the faster the engine spins, the faster the A/C compressor runs, allowing for a more efficient cooling system. Don’t waste time and fuel by turning on the air conditioner first to cool the car before driving. If the inside of the car is really hot, turn on the fan when you start driving and only open the rear windows for 10 to 20 seconds. This will force all the hot air out of the cabin. Don’t open the front windows, as that will only cause the hot air to move towards the front of the cabin, while the hot air in the rear will remain stagnant and the cabin will remain hot. 

Note: Do not turn on the air conditioner at the same time as starting your vehicle. Because if you just get into the car and turn on the air conditioner, it will cause the car to be started at low revs already under a large load, and the battery will be easy to damage.

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Set AC to the coldest setting

This is an easy way you can apply. When the air conditioner is on, set the MAX or REC mode to the highest level to cool the car quickly. After feeling cool enough, start to switch to NORM or OUTSIDE, or FRESH mode, and lower the blower level. At this time, the airflow will recirculate inside your car and give you much relief. Don’t switch to the coldest setting when you just start the car.

Make sure the filter is clean

Please check the air filter, and be sure that it is clean. Dirty cabin filters will prevent optimal airflow. In newer cars, these filters are relatively easy to check; If you see a lot of dirt build-up on it, it means it’s time to change the filter. You can save money if you can replace the filter yourself in many modern cars. Of course, if that doesn’t work, you need to go to a car dealership.

Paste in the car insulation film

In fact, this is considered an effective solution, and also one of the pieces of equipment that should be available after buying a car. Note that you should choose a reflective windshield that will limit the absorption of heat when parking in the sun for a long time. Note, the insulation film is only effective when the car is running, and parking in one place is only partially limited but helps to cool down faster.

Park your car in the shade 

Did you know that when a car is parked in direct sunlight, the temperature inside your car can reach 131-172°F while the actual temperature outside is only 80-100°F? So parking under the shade is the most active and effective way, drivers can park their car in the shade of trees, roofs, or on the side of the building, … or can use sun shades to cover the windows. Limit direct sunlight to the interior compartment and it will reduce the heat inside your car. 

Turn on/off the air conditioner properly

Before starting the car, you need to turn on the exhaust fan to open the window to blow the hot air out. Then, when it has been blown out, you close the window and turn on the air conditioner. This helps the air conditioning system not have to work overloaded and makes your vehicle cool more optimally. In case you want to stop the car or turn off the engine, you can turn off the A/C first, turn off the fan, then open the door and step out.

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Periodically air conditioning maintenance

Many drivers often do not pay attention to periodic car air conditioning maintenance. This easily leads to when the air conditioner is turned on, it will experience a long cooling or the car ac not cold. You should go to the repair center specializing in air conditioning to perform maintenance on this system. Because the structure of the air conditioning system includes many details such as outdoor unit, indoor unit, air filter, blower, and air conditioning gas, … Timely and correct air conditioning care will provide deep cooling performance and help you feel comfortable when traveling in the car.

Using the outside air model

how to make your car ac colder
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In cases where there is no time to start your car, use the blower and use the outside air mode to create convection to draw hot air out and take the air in. This helps the vehicle to dissipate heat faster, and at the same time, pushes the carcinogenic toxins generated by the reaction of the plastic being heated at high temperature to the outside environment. Even when the car has rolled, it can be combined with opening the window for a faster effect.

In fact, many drivers often think that turning on the strongest blower in combination with the air conditioner will help cool the fastest. But in fact, some tests show that the air conditioner reaches the coldest temperature when the wind mode has an average fan level and will usually be optimized when using the automatic air conditioning feature, although this mode may take longer than manual adjustment.

Adding the additives to your car

In the midst of the summer heat, it seems that your car’s air conditioner also becomes busier or overworked. To fix this problem, many drivers used additives like Ice Cold to support the AC system and chill the space in their cars. These additives will make functioning air conditioners more effective. There are many types of additives on the market so make sure you choose the right type for the AC system. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s not hard and costs too much for drivers to do all the methods above. Summer is coming, let’s make sure that you will have the best experience when driving in the cool place in your own car. If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to write them down in the box below.