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How To Hotwire A Car? The Easiest Way

Hot-wiring is the process of turning on the car’s engine without using a key. It is a process to bypass the ignition’s interlock system that is mostly used during the thefts of the vehicle. However, it is not any compulsion, and a car can still use the hotwire in different circumstances. But the question is how to how to hotwire a car?

Hotwiring is not possible with newer models; only the cars made in the 90s or before can be hotwired. Newer models are made in a way that keeps any attempt of hotwiring at bay unless you know the real tweaks to do with the car. Returning to the point, let’s find out how to hotwire a car.

How To Hotwire A Car: The Easiest Approach

Always hotwire a car at your own risk, and only if you have the ownership. Make sure you have the manual ready that comes with your vehicle to understand the color coding of the wires.

1. The First Part

The first part is about switching on the engine using a screwdriver only. Locate the keyhole of the ignition system and place the screwdriver into it. Rotate it in the way you do with the key to start the vehicle. In some cases, this is all you need to do to start a car. Voila, you know how to hotwire a car!  In other cases, you need to carry on the progress to make it happen like you always see in those movies.

Go to the steering column and using the screwdriver, remove the screws. Once the screws are removed, you can see the access panels. You can take out the access panel by just pulling it off.

What is the reality of how to hotwire a car
First part is to switch on the engine using a screwdriver

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Once the panel is removed, you will be able to see the sets of wires. Now, the real deal begins in which you have to handle things carefully, or it can do further damage. There are three sets of wires with different colors. One set is for the car lights, the second one is for the wipers and warmers, and the third one is for the battery and ignition. You can always take help of your car’s manual before you go hotwiring a car.

Reading the manual, you get to know which set of wire works for which section of functioning. Generally, the red wires indicate the battery, but it is not necessary every time, and hence you should be confirmed. Once you find the battery wires, it is time to cut some part of the insulation or the covering from the end. It is the easiest and fastest way to learn how to hotwire a car fast; read the manual properly though.

2. The Second Part

Once you see the bare endpoints of the wires, twist them together using your fingers. If you see the ignition, radio, and lights turned on, you have done the first part successfully.

how to hotwire a car? the reasons!
Hotwiring looks like this

The second part is about connecting the wires of the starter so you can turn on the car. Reading the manual, find the right cables of the starter and take the insulation off the end. Now, this is a live wire, and so you are advised not to touch it or try to twist. It is time for resembling that movie scene by contacting the two wires together. It creates a spark, and the engine turns on; you should hear the sounding of the engine.

How to Do it?

Use electrical tape and cover the exposed area of the live wires to keep yourself from getting electrocuted. And this way you learn how to hotwire a car with a screwdriver easily.

Now it is time that you unlock the steering wheel as it stays locked even after you hear the engine roaring. Take the screwdriver and jam it between the steering wheel and steering column. Make a few rotations in both of the directions, and you’re done unlocking the steering. Know more about maintaining your car in different settings here. Maintenance Tips.

Another method works by taking off the ignition switch. For this, locate the two security screws and take them off. You can use a hammer and pick for the purpose. It will let you take off the ignition switch, and now you have an unlocked steering wheel.

Tip: In some cars, there is only one starter wire. To switch on the engine, take the starter wire and make it in contact with the connected battery or power wires. You can easily turn off the engine by separating the power wires that are connected.

how to hotwire a car? the reasons!
In some cars, there is only one starter wire


There are many other methods too, but for a beginner, this one is the easiest one. Make sure to take care of your safety while learning how to hotwire a car. Even if you are not going to get into any situation where you would have to bypass the ignition interlock, it is always wise to be expert on hotwiring.

The method should be used only in case of emergency and not as a regular regime. Have an extra key, so you do not find yourself stuck with those wires and the hotwiring thing.