How To Gut A Catalytic Converter – Know Here

In a catalytic converter, the catalyst is present in the form of palladium or platinum. It is coated onto the ceramic beads or ceramic honeycomb located in a package. The catalyst helps your vehicle in converting nitrogen oxide to oxygen and nitrogen, hydrocarbon to water and carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. However, after prolonged use, the catalyst gets clogged, which can reduce the fuel efficiency of the car. It gets many car owners asking as to how to gut a catalytic converter.

How To Gut Catalytic Converter – Know Here

To gut the catalytic converter, you would first need to separate the converter from the car’s muffler. If the engine gives out a less ratty and smoother sound, the converter is plugged. You can look online to know the best maintenance tips for keeping your vehicle running smoothly. If you want to gut the catalytic converter, then please follow the process below. It will help you get the converter without removing it.

1. Lift The Car And Look For The Converter

Firstly, you need to place the car on a group of high-frame jacks or the pneumatic lift. It will help ease the task for the converter when it is attached to the car. On the majority of car models, the catalytic converter is located in proximity to the engine block, and in front of the muffler. It is an important tip to remember if you want to understand how to gut a catalytic converter without causing any harm to other components of the car.

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Everything You Wish to Know About How To Gut A Catalytic Converter
It will help ease the task for the converter when it is attached to the car (Photo Source: auto-tip)

2. Create A Flap With Cuts In The Converter Base

We recommend you use an ethyne welding torch or a wheel grinder to make at least 3 cuts in a right angle at the base of the catalytic converter. You should not cut a square hole if you do not want to change the device right away. Next, let the catalytic converter cool off to normal temperature in the air and use a crowbar to bend the cut flap downwards.

You should use a chisel and hammer to chip away the lining of the converter. Remember, that you can easily break it up with a well-placed and small taps of the hammer. Get rid of all ceramic slices inside the catalytic converter.

3. Shut And Join The Flap

Next, bend the flap back to its original position using broad nose pliers. Join the flap shut using the welding machine with steep strip melted to match the welding torch. You can put the welding torch to medium-high or medium settings for melting the steel wires. Use the steel putty knife to make the welded metal smooth when it is hot.

4. Check For Leakage

Once you run the car engine, the hissing noise, and rattling or extra-echo would let you know about any leakage in the catalytic converter. You can take care of the leak via cold-welding epoxy, which is most useful for sealing small holes in the car exhaust system.


Thus, we hope that this blog gave you the necessary information about how to gut a catalytic converter without damaging other components of the car. Remember, the catalytic converter plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of your car.