Wondering How To Fix Rod Knock By Own? Here is the Guide

Everybody wants to drive the car smoothly around the hills and during the long drives. But, for that, one has to take care of the car engine in return. The car might become unusable if there are some serious issues with the car engine. Rod knock is the most common issue with the engines. This generally happens if the rod gets damaged or broken from anywhere inside. One can take assistance from the web on how to fix rod knock for tackling serious dilemmas with the car engine.

Let’s find out how to fix rod knock swiftly

5 Easy Steps On How To Fix Rod Knock Swiftly

The rod knock occurs due to low level of lubricate oil inside the engine. A car engine produces a lot of heat while running and this heat tear out some parts from inside the engine. You might have to replace the entire engine if the damage caused by the rod is more than expected. So, let us discuss some easy steps to fix these rod knocks easily and affordably.

1. Position The Car On Ramp

Position your car on the ramp from where the complete engine from downwards is easily accessible. A mechanic’s ramp would be the best choice to do so. The vehicle must remain in the perfect position for a complete inspection. Positioning the car in no-slide manner is the first thing to work on. If you are wandering for how to fix rod knock by own self, then refer to maintenance tips.

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2. Drain The Oil Tank

It is imperative to drain out the oil from the tank to fill the cleaner one. One must place some sort of oil pan before removing the cap from the drainage pipe. The engine oil of a car gets wretched after a certain period and asks for a change. Not even a single droplet of oil should remain inside the oil tank of a car. You must re-place the oil tank cap once you are done with the drainage process.

Process on how to fix rod knock
Easy steps on how to fix rod knock (Photo Source: reddit)

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3. Replace The Oil Filter

An oil filter is the main culprit behind most of the rod knock cases. The aged oil filter allows tiny components to get inside the engine and damage the rod. One can replace the oil filter by own as well. To remove the oil filter, place the wrench in the middle of it and screw it clockwise. Remove the oil filter and replace it with a new one.

4. Fill Up The Oil

It’s time to fill the oil which was drained earlier. Fill up the tank with fine-quality oil for a longer life span. Fresh oil would be the great choice to fill the oil tank. After filling the oil, inspect the rod if it is damaged or broken. Tighten up the bearings if there is no sound from the engine.

5. Clean The Carburetor Or Use Fuel Injection Cleaner

Cleaning the carburetor is the first thing to do after the oil replacement. Most of the vehicles have carburetor while others require fuel inject cleaner. This is essential to prevent engine from dirt or stain to get in. These grimes come in the way of working engine and the rod knock occurs. The fuel injection cleaner does the same thing in no carburetor cars.

Rod Knock: How to check and deal with it:

Winding Up

These key points will surely help if you are wandering on how to fix rod knock troubles swiftly. Whether you want a professional for this task or want to do it by own, it is up to you now.