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How to Fix a Car Door Handle: A Comprehensive Guide

Car doors are paramount for the safety of the car. A car door helps protect the passengers inside by keeping them inside the car. A missing or damaged car door may lead to serious repercussions. Therefore, it is imperative to fix it as soon as possible. After all, a stitch on time saves nine. Here we’re going to shed light on “how to fix a car door handle without having to pay for a mechanic.”

How to Fix a Car Door Handle: The Step-By-Step Guide

Car door handles are notorious for being damaged over time. Many times, car owners face challenges while opening the door. Going to a professional for the repair is a wise decision if you have time constraints. Doing the process at home with the right equipment is an alternative that people choose. A systematic guide makes the fixing process easier and convenient.

So, let’s get started.

Tools You Would Need

Screwdrivers: They are an absolute must because car doors have screws that you would require to remove. You wil also need a rubber mallet to re-attach the door panel.

New Handle: Depending on your car type and model, purchase the right handle that you are going to fix.

Masking Tape: Fixing a car door handle can be a little tricky, especially if you are a beginner. So, take the help of masking tape to know the pieces to be fixed in the parts.

Towel:  Some Screws are small in size, and chances of losing those screws increase during the disassembling and reassembling process. So, use a towel to collect the screws safely in one place.

To keep up with, “how to fix a car door handle,” you ought to have the above things before commencing the disassembling.


STEP 1: Get the Replacement Handle

Car handles aren’t universal that can be used for all cars. Different handles are manufactured for various car models. The first you need to do is get the right car handle. Visit a car dealer or seller to get the handle similar to your car.

Cars come with different locking systems. So, get information about the installation of fasteners. It will help you get an idea if a handle needs to be removed from the inner side or external.

STEP 2: Remove the Inside Door Panel

An inspection is necessary to identify the fasteners. Some plastic caps may be protecting them, so remove those caps. Spread the towel in a clean place and take the screws one by one on the towel.

After unscrewing a fastener, use the masking tape for the labeling. Be gentle when taking the panel out because plastic tends to become brittle over the long haul.

Tip: Take pictures of the panel to make the reassembling easy.

STEP 3: Disconnect the Mechanisms

After you have removed the inside door panel of your car, you will notice mechanisms attached to the handle.

Carefully disconnect all the mechanisms and label all of them to avoid any confusion later. A manual on how to fix a car door handle can also help lessen the work.  If you have the manual for the car door handle, fixing the car door becomes like a leisurely walk in the park.

A manual on how to fix a car door handle can also help lessen the work
Carefully disconnect all the mechanisms and label (Photo Source: pezcame)

STEP 4: Replace the Handle

This process needs careful attention because a single screw can have impact on the locking function. Firstly, clean the interior, including the edges of the panel.

Now, put the replacement handle on its place and assemble the mechanisms. If you have any confusion about the direction, look at the pictures you have taken.

STEP 5: Check the Door Functionality

Before reassembling the car door panel, you need to make sure the working of the new mechanism.

Finding faulty or loose connections after the reassembling gives a feeling of despair. So, to avoid such instances, check several times whether locks and latch are functioning appropriately.

As human, oftentimes, we tend to involve so much in the repair process that we skip the other parts. Careful consideration of the exterior saves a significant number of efforts. Test the working of latch with door handle.

STEP 6: Reassemble the Car Door Panel 

Lastly, after testing the handle, connect the replacement handle properly. When reassembling the interior panel of the car door, use a towel to put the things in the right place.

As per model of your car, tighten the screws or plastic clippings. In order to save your car interior, try to make use of towel for the impact of a rubber mallet. Don’t forget to take some maintenance tips from the experts before doing it yourself.

As per model of your car, tighten the screws or plastic clippings
When reassembling the interior panel of the car door, use a towel to put the things in the right place (Photo Source: pixabay)

Final Words 

Driving a car without proper car doors or damaged parts is highly discouraged. Replacing a damaged car handle is easy if you follow the guide on how to fix a car door handle without shedding off a bagful of money. Consider the above process and put your mind at ease. 

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