How to Clean Intake Manifold without Removing

Everyone is aware of the fact that regular car maintenance is essential for the better fuel and overall efficiency of the vehicle. Because, as the time passes, grime and other carbon deposit get over the different car components. One such part in this category includes an intake manifold. If the name makes you wonder, what is it! Then, get the clear answers from experts stating the purpose and procedure of how to clean intake manifold.

What is the Purpose of Intake Manifold?

The primary function of the intake manifold is to distribute the combustion mixture of air and fuel to all the intake ports of the engine’s cylinder evenly. Indeed, it acts as a combustion area for the fuel and air, to optimize the performance and efficiency of the engine.

In case, the carbon builds up inside this inlet manifold, the fuel and air ratio will get imbalanced, resulting in more fuel burn, air pollution, and loss of horsepower.

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Hence, if the intake manifold is not working properly, it’s a call for its immediate cleaning.

Systematic Procedure of How to Clean Intake Manifold

To your surprise, the intake manifold can be clean without the help of professional (only, if the person is comfortable and confident, enough to do so). And, in this regard, here are certain simple steps, explaining how to clean intake manifold without removing it from the car.

Tips and Warnings

Park the vehicle in an airy space to avoid the suffocation caused by the exhaust fumes.

1. Things You Need

Power Foaming Cleaner– This cleaner is made especially for the safe removal of grime, gum, varnish, and other carbon deposits in the throttle and intake manifold.

Know how to clean intake manifold
Technique of how to clean intake manifold

Clean microfiber Cloth – Required to remove the excess liquid from the car’s engine.

Gloves (household) – For the safety of hands from the engine’s heat and harmful chemicals.

Basic Mechanic Tools– Like, wrenches, and screwdrivers for the removal of hoses/tubes.

2. Detach the Throttle and Air Intake Duct

Here, disconnecting the throttle doesn’t mean the removal of it from the car’s engine. Rather, it refers to the separation of the throttle valve from the air intake tube.

Point to Remember: During this course of action, keep the engine off.

3. Clean the Throttle Valve

Next, spray the power foam on the throttle valve and then, clean the excess liquid on its plate using the cotton cloth. Finally, attach the air intake tube to the throttle valve.

4. Wipe Dirt from Intake Manifold

Like throttle valve, the vacuum hose is also first detached from the inlet manifold. This step is necessary for the spraying of power foam into the vacuum line. Next, allow the sprayed power foam to settle inside the line for five minutes. Followed by which, connect the intake manifold back to the vacuum hose.

During this process, spray the foam when the engine is at fast idle and keep the engine off, when the sprayed foam is settling down.

Procedure of how to clean intake manifold
How to clean intake manifold in the proper way

Overall, this systematic process of how to clean intake manifold, if performed successfully will surely run the engine at its maximum performance.