How To Adjust Hood Height? The Comprehensive Guide

Installation of the hood on the exact location is not that easy as it seems. Placing it is difficult due to the shape and size. The manufacturers use special equipment while replacing or installing a new hood. But it requires a lot of efforts to properly line it up on the exact position. You might have to deal with redundant gaps on either side of the hood. That is why calling the professional is necessary for this task. The experts know how to adjust hood height perfectly.

Well if you want to adjust the hood height by own, then special tools and skills might help. There is a special technique to lock the hood down to its position. One needs expert knowledge to line up the hood correctly.

Now let us discuss the steps for adjusting hood height evenly.

How To Adjust Hood Height – Complete Explanation

The automakers apply some techniques to set the hood perfectly. That is why you do not find any gaps on any sides. And a correctly set hood opens and closes properly as there is no odd gap on any side.

Hood adjustment is not a time-consuming task, only when you are familiar with the process. And those necessary tools play a major role in opening, adjusting, and closing the hood faultlessly. Even an extra inch gap on either side will leave you in troubles. And of course loosening and tightening the bolts correctly is necessary.

Sometimes the hood not closes completely and leaves the gap. The issue irritates a lot while lowering the hood. And you might have to put some extra force to close the hood.

So, to get rid of this issue, let us discuss the hood adjustment process in steps here.

1. Open The Bonnet

When searching the answer for how to adjust hood height, you need to open and close the hood several times. You will get to know about the errors in the mechanism by doing so. Raise the hood completely open once you find the error or gap.

How to adjust hood height- The complete explanation
Raise the hood completely open once you find the error or gap (Photo Source: pxhere)

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2. Loosen The Bolts

Now find the opening and closing mechanism of the hood and unscrew the bolts there. You should loosen the bolts slightly not completely. It will be easier to adjust and close the bolts if you unscrew it slightly. According to the expert maintenance tips, one should not unscrew the car bolts. The bolts on the hood section need to loosen up and close after that.

3. Adjust The Hood

It is much easier to adjust the hood once the bolts are out of action. Now line up the hood edges with that of the car by gently lowering the hood. Tight the bolts once you find the exact moving position. You can install or replace the hood by completely unscrewing the bolts as well.

How to adjust hood height the professional way?
Tight the bolts once you find the exact moving position (Photo Source: maxpixel)

The Final Words

There you have it! That is the complete step by step process to adjust hood height and position. Taking expert assistance for the same would be great as they know how to adjust hood height perfectly.