Learn How To Fix Turn Signal Blinking Fast With 3 Simple Steps

Are you worried about your car’s LED bulb blinking too fast? Well, don’t worry as it is the common problem with a quick solution.  To know, how to fix the turn signal blinking fast issue, continue reading ahead.

Causes Explaining- The Turn Signal Blinking Fast

The turn signal is the device that indicates the direction via blinking rear and front headlights. In fact, the driver does this manually to inform other vehicles of the turn, he is intended to take.

Seeing the importance of this electronic gadget, one can easily comprehend the value of its maintenance tips. However, in case the turn signals start blinking fast, there are several causes, which can lead to this problem. So, before you delve deeper into its solutions, let’s look- what actually causes the turn signals to blink fast.

1. Bad Shape of Ground Connection

If the combination switches are dirty and need cleaning, this clearly indicates that the ground connections are in bad shape. Another reason behind fast flashing turn signals is that the screws are not installed tight enough to operate normally.

So, check your device and look for the cause, accordingly!

2. Faulty Bulb

Even when you encounter a bulb failure in the headlamp then, also the turn signals start blinking fast. This mainly happens during the broken or damaged bulbs, when the resistance switches start acting abnormally by flashing the light repeatedly at a great speed.

Turn signal blinking fast issues
Solving turn signal blinking fast issues. Source: HotCars

3. Insufficient Voltage

Lastly, during the improper supply of voltage to the car, the indicator blinks fast; which also points towards the bad combination switch.

Thus, before you move ahead to fix the issue, determine the problem which is causing the turn signal blinking fast.

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Ways to Fix the Turn Signal Blinking Fast

1. Check for Bad Grounds

For this, trace the ground wire to the termination point from the bulb housing. If the connection is loose or the wire is damaged, make sure to respectively retighten or change the wire immediately.

Else, you can clean everything in the system, if you want to be sure!

2. Change the Turn Signal Relay

One of the easiest repairs ever, you can also do it on your own (if aware of the system).

To start with it, find the relay cluster and the turn signal relay in your car. Next, replace the old signal flasher relay with the new one and the very next minute, your car is back to normal blinking.

Tip: You need not worry about the installation, as it would go in the right way easily.

3 Further Electrical Troubleshooting

If the above solution doesn’t make the turning signals operate normally then, you can go for its further troubleshooting. During this, you can trace down any loose wire (it can be ground or power wire) and fix it as soon as possible. No doubt, it can be painful for your neck as you have to bend down but that’s the only way you can get to it.

Turn signal blinking fast problems
Factors causing turn signal blinking fast. Cre: Alamy

Hope this guide can be useful for you but in case, you face trouble while following the second remedy then, it’s better to consult the manual guide of the car. Or else, you can contact the car’s professionals to help you with the turn signal blinking fast!