How Does Exhaust System Affect Car Performance – Read Here

The car exhaust system is more than just some metal pipes arranged to expel the engine fumes. It is one of the major factors behind the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, many drivers ask as to how does exhaust affect car performance. The engine is mainly an air pump, which helps create more power by making the engine work efficiently. Therefore, having a well-maintained exhaust can do wonders for the car performance.

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How Does Exhaust Affect Car Performance – Read The Answer Here

The effects of an exhaust system on the car performance are described in details below:

1. Impact On The Car Engine

The majority of car owners leave room for improvement in the car, when it comes to performance. One of the prime factors responsible for affecting the performance of the vehicle is the exhaust system. It permits the exhaust gases to leave the car, which ensures that the engine works fine and combustion works better. Hence, drivers’ asking how does exhaust car performance need to pay attention in the way the exhaust expels the gases.

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2. Effect On The Air Flow

There are two types of bends used during the manufacturing of the car exhaust system. It has a direct impact on the way in which air flows. On the one hand, the factory-made exhaust system uses a “crush-bend” technique, which creates a crinkled area in the pipe that slows down the exhaust gases. It is not good for the smooth performance of your vehicle.

On the other hand, the mandrel bend is smooth and owing to less resistance leads to an efficient flow of the gases and better car performance.

3. The Make Material And Diameter

An essential factor to consider regarding the exhaust system is the material used in its manufacturing. A majority of these are manufactured using mild steel and deteriorate over time. These days, the car exhaust systems are built using aluminum or stainless steel. On the one hand, aluminum offers more longevity, and on the other steel offers a sturdy performance.

Another thing that affects the performance of the car is the diameter of the exhaust pipes. Majority of vehicles would benefit from a slightly longer exhaust piping system. However too big pipes can damage the performance of the vehicle.

Common prejudices about how does exhaust affect car performance
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Summing Up

Thus, the information provided above would help you know as to how does exhaust affect car performance and keep it up and running.