Every Car Owner Should Know These Helpful Tips

Being a car owner entails a lot of responsibility. You need to be responsible not only while driving, but in ensuring that your car is in good running condition to minimize the risks of a vehicular accident. Thereby, the tips below will surely be helpful for every car owner.

Know your vehicle’s fluids

There are several car fluids such as your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid among others. Check all your vehicle fluids to ensure that your car will be running smoothly. For instance, regularly check your engine oil because it is designed to lubricate, cool, and clean your engine. Without sufficient engine oil, your car can experience thermal degradation, oxidation, and compressive heating.

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Monitor your tire pressure

The pressure of the tires of your car is one of the most significant safety features of your vehicle. When your tire pressure is too low, there is greater friction between the tires and the ground, causing your tires to wear out faster. This can also lead to overheating and tread separation. On the contrary, when your tire pressure is too high, it causes less traction and the ride is bumpier for everyone in the car. Check your vehicle’s manual for the recommended tire pressure. There are already several tire pressure monitors that can give you an accurate overview of your tire pressure even while you are driving.

In addition to this, make sure that you have a spare tire in your trunk. Most vehicles already come with a spare tire pumped in the recommended pressure. Your spare tire is a sigh of relief when one of your tires decides to give up on you, or when you experience a flat tire. Thus, it is also essential to familiarize yourself with how to change a flat tire, together with the tools that you need in doing so.

For one, you need to loosen the wheel bolts before raising your vehicle with a car jack. You can then proceed in removing your tire and replacing it with a new one. Lower your car before tightening the wheel bolts, and you are done.

Check your windshield

Life hacks: repair small windshield cracks with a clear nail polish. This will help prevent the cracks from spreading and will buy you some more time to have your windshield repaired. But keep in mind that this is only a temporary patch and you still need to get your windshield fixed. Apart from your windshield, regularly check your wiper blades. It will really be frustrating to drive under the rain and find out that your wipers are not working. A general rule of thumb is to have your wiper blades replaced every six months, but it is best to refer to your vehicle’s manual.

Make sure to have an emergency roadside kit

There is really no way of telling when a mishap can happen. Apart from knowing how cars work in general to know how to deal with things that may happen when your car breaks down, you also need to be equipped with an emergency roadside kit. Your kit can include reflective warning triangles, a tire gauge, jumper cables, utility tools, and a flashlight. It will also help to have a fire extinguisher, foam tire sealant, extra batteries, gloves, rags, duct tape, and tow ropes. For your own use, include a first aid kit, drinking water, and a warm blanket.

Religiously keep up with your car maintenance

Generally, your car maintenance schedule depends on the mileage of your vehicle. You can refer to your vehicle manual for the ideal service intervals necessary. Your vehicle’s shocks and struts will be checked during this maintenance to know whether these are already worn out. If these parts are worn out, you may already experience your car rocking back and forth from time to time as well as hear some rattling whenever you pass over a bump.

Your car’s engine will also be checked together with your air filters. It is important to change your car’s air filters every six months because when your engine gets dirty, the dirt tends to clog up these filters. Aside from your car’s engine, the headlights and taillights of your vehicle will also be inspected. As a general rule of thumb, both your headlights and taillights need to be replaced yearly.

Other miscellaneous life hacks

There are several life hacks that can make your life easier in terms of maintaining your car. For instance, you can use a plunger to pull a dent in your car in its original shape. You can also put indicators in your garage to know when to stop when you are parking your car. For instance, you can hang a tennis ball and use it as an indicator or put a squeaking plush toy as a marker. A hand sanitizer is also a great tool to melt down a frozen car, but you can prevent your car doors from freezing by using a cooking spray. You just need to spray on the inside of your doors and this will keep your doors from freezing.

You can also clean cloudy headlights with a toothpaste. Just apply a pea-sized amount on a microfiber rag and wipe your headlights in circular motions. Coffee filters are also great for cleaning your dashboard instead of using a rug. You can apply your traditional cleaning material in the coffee filter and proceed in cleaning your dashboard as usual. Alternatively, if you keep on forgetting where you parked your car, it will help to take a picture of it before you leave it for an easier recall on where you parked your vehicle.

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While driving your own car can prove to be more convenient compared to riding a public transport, it also entails a whole lot of responsibility. Aside from knowing the driving rules and regulations by heart, a car owner is also responsible for his vehicle’s upkeep. Ensuring these will greatly minimize the risk of car crashes and road accidents.