Is It Safe To Drive Cars With A Bubble In Tires?

A bubble in tires is the most extremely dangerous phenomenon. Because it can cause car tires to explode, causing danger to the owner and other vehicles when driving. Understanding the causes, ways to prevent, and how to fix will help your tires always be in the most ideal state to give you a safe journey.

What are Tire Bubbles?

Bubble in tires is a phenomenon of structural damage to the inner lining. As you know, the construction of the tire includes many parts. Each layer is added with a purpose, and the inner layer is to maintain the air pressure inside the tire. The inner layer is made of rubber, strong enough to hold the air pressure inside

While driving, the tires can collide with objects causing damage to the tire and impact to the inner lining, leading the air to leak. From there, the air inside the tire will accumulate in that damaged location and manifest as a bubble. So there are many causes of the bulge in tires:

what causes a tire to bubble
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8 Reasons Cause The Bubble in Tires

  • Due to road conditions (like potholes): At that time, the air density at the collision site will suddenly compress, exceed the tolerance limit and cause the tire to bubble.
  • Low pressure: When the tire pressure is too low, the entire load force is compressed into the 2 sidewalls, damaging the tire structure. In the long run, it will cause the tire to bulge on both sides.
  • Manufacturer error: This is a very rare cause. However, drivers should also check the tires carefully before replacing them to avoid unnecessary errors.
  • Over-inflated: Similar to low-pressure tires, over-inflated tires also lead to tire bubbles due to damage to the steel fiber structure inside the tire.
  • Non-standard tire patching: When the tire is torn, it needs to be patched, but the process is not proper and does not seal the hole. This creates conditions for water, mud, and chemicals to infiltrate the tire and cause the inner steel screen to be damaged.
  • Overloading: Put a lot of pressure on the tire and causes the bearing structure inside the tire to be degraded and lead to tire bubbles.
  • High temperature: It will make the polymer bonds weaken, expand and lead to the condition of the tire. So you should avoid parking your car in the sun.
  • Old tire: Usually car tires will have a certain time of use. If the tire operates for too long, beyond the expiration date (even when the car is not in use), the tire will be aging, less resilient, and easily inflated.

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How to Fix a Bubble in Tires?

The sidewalls are an important part of the tire, and any defect in this part of the tire can have devastating effects. These bubbles may appear without warning signs. They pose a serious danger to the safety of cars and passengers. Especially when the car is on the road.

We wish we can share with you the best news to repair this problem. Unfortunately, fixing tire bubbles is impossible by yourself. The best thing you should do is replace the tire with a new one to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

In case you find that the tire is inflated while driving, you should stop and replace it with a spare tire (if available). If you don’t have the spare tire, your vehicle will sadly need to be towed. The tire could explode at any time, and that could cause you to lose control.

how to fix bubble in tire
How to fix a bubble in the tire? The answer: Fixing tire bubbles is impossible by yourself (Photo:

What Should We Do to Prevent Tire Bubbles?

Bubbles in tires will have to be replaced and cost a significant amount of money. Apply the following solutions to limit this situation and save money.

  • When moving, you need to observe the road conditions.
  • Regularly check tire pressure, ensure standard pressure, and avoid over-inflated or low-pressure tires. Equipped with a tire pressure sensor device is also a perfect suggestion to control tire pressure accurately and timely.
  • Do not overload to prolong the life of cars in general and tires in particular.
  • You shouldn’t park for too long and often in the sun. Because these actions will adversely affect the tire and may cause the tire to bulge.


Sum up

Tires are an important part and need to be regularly checked and protected. Because any damage to the tires is potentially unsafe. Therefore, when detecting a bubble in tires or other common problems, it is necessary to take the car to a reputable center to check and replace the tire as soon as possible. The sharing in the article, hopefully, will help you better understand the condition of bulge tires. At the same time, provide solutions to limit this damage.