Earth Dreams Technology: Does the Turbocharger Increase Power?

To ensure Honda cars deliver exemplary performance and are environmentally friendly, Honda experts developed engines with Earth Dreams technology. To align all the models with their dreams, Honda has loaded all its current models with engines made from this technology.

Trims like the Honda Civic, Honda JAZZ and the Accord are some of the best selling cars around the globe. Fuel efficiency and engine performance have contributed largely to this increased sales. 

The introduction of the earth dreams technology was a game-changer in the automotive sector. Even though this is an exclusive Honda technology, other auto brands have developed new engine models to compete in fuel economy and performance. 

Each Honda model has this technology implemented to match the engine type used. With the introduction of new technologies, modern models have made the earth dreams engine more efficient. Reduced friction and the replacement of the belt by the electric motor have further improved fuel economy by approximately 10 per cent.

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New Technologies Incorporated in the Earth Dreams Engine

There are excellent and recommendable Honda technologies that need to be borrowed by the other big auto brands. To make the Civic and Accord engines more powerful, a number of new systems can be seen when the bonnet is opened. Some of the physical features include:


Looking at the new Civic 1.6L i-DTEC engine, the front strikes, as well as rear strikes, are more in number than in the previous variants. The angles of the strikes are made sharper to improve the aerodynamic performance by reducing wind resistance. 

 With the weight of the car reduced by the use of an aerodynamic body structure, the engine pistons need lesser mechanical power to propel the wheels. This has played a greater role in making the Civic more efficient. 

Atkinson Cycle

The Atkinson cycle principle is part of the Earth Dreams technologies meant to reduce friction. When the piston moves up for a compression stroke, intake valves stay closed and this creates pressure in the cylinder. 

With the  Atkinson cycle, intake valves stay open for a slightly longer period. This creates low pressure in the cylinder and the pistons have less work. Consequently, the pistons experience lesser friction thus improved fuel efficiency.

Today’s cars use software and electronics to keep the valves open slightly longer thus increasing the cylinder’s displacement.

Variable Valve Timing 

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To make the DOHC i-VTEC system in Honda more fuel-efficient, the valve timing is adjusted to make the valves open at the same time. Normally, when the engine speed increases, the time needed to exhaust and allow air intake into the cylinder decreases. This limits the engine’s efficiency.

To overcome this challenge, Variable Timing Control technology is used to control the chain-driven intake camshaft by either retarding or advancing it during the intake cycle. To make the intake valve open earlier and the exhaust open later and refill the cylinder, the intake camshaft is rotated slightly.  

By allowing more air to flow in and out of the cylinder, the efficiency of the engine is increased.

EGR Technology

Maintaining the engine cooled is every auto manufacturer’s wish. By employing the EGR technology in the Earth Dreams engine, some of the exhaust gas is diverted and taken back into the intake air stream. The aim of fixing exhaust gas with fresh intake air lowers combustion rates and temperatures.

This process makes the models carrying the engine with Earth Dreams technologies environmentally efficient as the nitrogen dioxide produced by the engine is drawn back and reused. It’s estimated that cooled EGR improves fuel efficiency by 2%-5%. This is courtesy of the reduced knock limit.

Direct Fuel Injection Technology 

Direct fuel injection technology is incorporated into the Earth Dream technologies to improve fuel economy and then reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This system comprises a fuel injection assembly that delivers a continuous and controlled injection flow rate.

To ensure the injector needle position is controlled, a control feedback circuit unit is utilized. This circuit controller facilitates optimum fuel injection rate.

Econ Mode

To reduce fuel consumption, the ECON mode adjusts the engine and transmission operation so that they relate with each other.  The eco assist technology together with the ECON mode activates when a gentle throttle is pressed. 

By enabling a smooth increase in torque, the driver will enjoy a relaxed drive and fuel efficiency will go a notch higher.  

Earth Dreams Problems

Every good thing comes with its own share of misfortunes. Despite Earth Dreams technologies having been lauded as one of the best, consumers tend to complain about oil dilution. When driving a car loaded with a Honda’s 1.5-litre engine, it’s likely the oil level warning lights will go on. 

This is because the excess fuel vapours aren’t burnt off. 

Again, oil dilution leads to accumulation of uncombusted fuel in the engine, a fact which leads to odors finding their way into the cabin. The end effect is a cabin filled with a strong odor.


Does Turbocharger Increase Engine Power

Turbochargers were once reserved for high-end cars but the story is different today. They are an integral component in the Earth Dreams technologies. 

Turbochargers can be compared to small turbines. To answer the question- does a turbocharger increase engine power?- is in the affirmative. They increase engine power by forcing more air into the engine. This causes greater combustion and more power is produced. 

The inclusion of turbochargers in car engines makes them environmentally friendly. The extra air pushed into the engine cylinders is the exhaust gases produced by the same car.

This snail-like equipment uses exhaust gas to propel a turbine that spins the compressor that in turn pushes extra air into the cylinders. Combined with extra fuel, more power is produced.  


By combining all the Earth Dreams technologies into one engine, improved fuel economy and excellent engine performance were achieved. And to make the engines more powerful, Honda added a turbocharger. Almost every modern Honda model carries a turbocharged engine with Earth Dreams Technologies labelled onto the cylinder.