DIY Car Interior Cleaner Guide – Make Your Vehicle Sleek and Shine!

A glimpse of a freshly detailed car in the house parking rejuvenates the entire day. Isn’t it? Well, car lovers know that the only downer is the price, which is ludicrously sky-high for professional detailing. The good news here is that a substitute is available at a relatively low cost. Yes, with DIY car interior cleaner guide, you can make your car shine.

Let’s shed light on the matter.

The Key Elements to Car Detailing – A DIY Car Interior Cleaner Guide

Detailing your car can be a daunting task. However, the right tools and knowledge can help you make it spotless and beautiful. This way you not only eliminate the risks associated with harsh cleaning chemicals but also save a significant amount of money.

For interior cleaning, the tools you will be required are baking soda, toothpaste, vinegar, vacuum, alcohol, sponge, toothbrush, compressed air, and mineral oil.

STEP 1: Carpet and Floor Mats

Firstly, vacuum the floor mats and interior. After taking the floor mats out of the car, sprinkle the baking powder on floors and mats. Leave it for some time and vacuum the areas again.

In case the floor mats contain some grease stains, apply cornstarch to the area and leave it for about half an hour. Continue with the vacuum process after completing the time. Often, residue and dust particles sit in the cracks. Make sure to thoroughly clean the area inside the car and take the dust with the help of compressed air.

For air vent grilles cleaning, use a toothbrush carefully. When everything seems clean, give a final touch with a sponge. The car cleaning will keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

If the floor mats contain some grease stains, apply cornstarch
Carpet and Floor Mats need cleaning from time to time (Photo Source: carid)


STEP 2: Seat Cleaning

The next step in giving a makeover of your car is seat cleaning.  There are two kinds of seats in cars, including leather and cloth seats.

Leather Seats

Have you ever heard of cleaning car interior with vinegar? Well, for leather seat cleaning, you need to mix linseed oil and vinegar to make a solution. You’ll start to notice the shining on the seats after rubbing the solution.

Make sure to apply toothpaste on a small area if you are thinking of cleaning the strains on your car seats. Sometimes, toothpaste doesn’t go well with some dyes. If the toothpaste trick fails to work, grab a clean cloth, and drop a few drops of alcohol on it to clean the strains.

A Pro Tip: A test on a small area is always suggested to avoid any unwanted situation, such as affecting the color of the dye.

According to expert maintenance tips, interior car cleaning is an absolute must to increase the car’s life.

Cloth Seats

After completing the vacuum process, create a car interior cleaning solution mixture by taking some water and vinegar. Now, spray it on the area where you have found stains. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and ‘voila!’ – see the magic after cleaning it with a wet cloth.

Natural detergent is also useful when it comes to getting rid of stains. The process is the same – mix right amount of water with detergent, apply on the stains, and clean it with a cloth after a few minutes.

STEP 3: Window and Mirrors

A sponge or microfiber cloth along with a glass cleaner can do the cleaning work precisely. For plastic, you can use an all-purpose cleaner.

Make sure to be careful doing the cleaning because tinted windows can be damaged easily if a sheet is used inside of the window. If you are not sure about the tinting, consider visiting the shop where you got the tinting done.

Many car owners make the mistake of spraying the cleaner directly on the windows and mirrors. To reduce the streaking, consider spraying on the cloth instead of glasses. Lastly, wipe the glass with a sponge or cloth for crystal clean and streak-free windows.

Do not spray the cleaner directly on the windows
Clean the windows with sponge or microfiber cloth along with a glass cleaner (Photo Source: topspeed)

Step 4: Cleaning the Console

A car console has many controls and buttons that are difficult to clean because of the cracks and crevice where dust can easily settle. The trick is to wrap a cloth around a card for cleaning the console.

A plastic card with thinnest edges goes inside the cracks and helps remove the dirt.

Step 4: Deodorize the Car

Believe it or not, a bag of charcoal can help get rid of the lingering odor. Leave the bag open in the car for a few days. Without the need for any deodorizer, it helps absorb bad odors.

You can also get any odor removal product to reduce the odor caused by pets or cigarette. If you travel with pets, the chances are that odor will return. So, get a car deodorizer and hang it on the rear mirror.

A plastic card with thinnest edges goes inside the cracks and cleans dirt
The trick is to wrap a cloth around a card for cleaning the console. (Photo Source: philkotse)

To Summarize

As cliché as it sounds, the appearance of a car gives good first impressions. Since no one likes a shabby looking car, consider the above DIY Car Interior Cleaner Guide to have a sleek and shiny interior that smells good looks pleasing.