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Difference Between Otto Cycle And Diesel Cycle

Significant it is to discover the answer to this, as many of us still are unaware of what these terms mean. Otto cycle is used by petrol ignition whereas diesel engine uses the diesel cycle. The main difference that separates these two cycles is the way they supply heat to the engine to begin the ignition. Another noteworthy difference is that the Otto cycle heat occurs at constant volume, whereas the diesel cycle works on constant pressure. This could be the main difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle. Besides, there are other differences as well, which we are going to explain here.

Difference Between Otto Cycle And Diesel Cycle

While the main difference is the way these cycles supply heat to the engine, we have certain other differences here, which are worth knowing for any driver.

1. They Proposed the Idea

The first difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle lead us back to different years, when it was proposed. The idea of Otto Cycle was given by Nicolas Otto back then in 1876 while the other one, the diesel cycle, was proposed by Dr. Rudolph Diesel, who introduced it to the world then in 1897. So, the idea was proposed by two different people and in different years, which differentiated these two cycles at the first point.

difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle- know it here
The idea was proposed by two different people and in different years

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2. Diesel Cycle Vs. Otto Cycle- The Compression Ratio

Yes, the compression ratio works differently in both these cycles. Starting with the Diesel cycle, it has a high compression ratio and condenses the entire mixture up to 22.1 ratios. On the other hand, if we speak of Otto Cycle, it has a low compression ratio of 11:1 to compress the mixture. All one need to keep in mind are certain maintenance tips to keep up the smooth working of both the cycles.

3. What’s with the Ignition?

The Otto Cycle uses the spark plugs to light the charge, which is a mixture of air and fuel. On the other hand, the diesel one needs no assistance to be ignited. The reason for this self-ignition is the high compression ratio that doesn’t allow it to rely on any plug for the charge.

4. Better Efficiency- Otto or Diesel?

Well, if we go by what everyone has to say about the efficiency of these cycles, the diesel cycle tops the charts. The Otto cycle, comparatively, has lesser or lower efficiency, which makes diesel cycles a better option any day.

difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle- explained in detail
difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle

5. The Difference In Process

So, there is a difference between Otto and diesel cycle when we consider their processing.

1#The Method Of Otto Cycle

Otto Cycle works on four processes, which commences with intake stroke where the mass of air is pushed into the piston at unvarying pressure. The second step is compression stroke, where isentropic compression takes place. It is the actual time when the mixture of fuel and air is compressed. At this point, the cylinder will move from bottom dead center to the top.

Then comes the ignition phase where the piston respites at the top dead center, for a while. Heat is now pushed into the system that burns the mixture of air and fuel already present there. It leads to acceleration in the pressure, keeping volume steady. It proceeds to expansion stroke, and heat rejection phase later on, which is followed up by the exhaust stroke in the end.

2#The Method Of Diesel Cycle

The diesel cycle works on different processes, which contains four steps in total. It starts with the adiabatic compression, moves to next step called heat addition at constant pressure. Then it follows adiabatic expansion, and finally gets into the process where the heat is rejected at constant volume.

difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle- the real differences
difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle

The Final Words

There is a difference between Otto cycle and diesel cycle, and we have explained it all. Hope it will help you in getting a clear idea of what these terms mean and even their working.

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