Diesel Oil Change Basics For You

If you own a truck then it is important that you know the basics of diesel oil change. Just like gas engines, diesel engines also demand necessary care, in the form of proper lubrication. And, proper maintenance will be a lot easier when you know the basics of diesel oil change. If you go for a synthetic oil change, it will work finely, without any trouble over a long period. Mobil 1 and Amsoil are two prominent synthetic diesel oils that you can make use of. However, you should not skip a diesel oil change only because you can manage without that for the time being. If you know the basic do it yourself diesel engine maintenance the whole thing will be easier for you.

Cost of Diesel Oil Change

Depending on where you go oil change for a gas engine will cost you in between $20-$30. Though chain lube stations are a cheaper option, individual mechanics are likely to work more professionally.

Now, let’s come to a diesel oil change which typically costs in between $50-$70. Moreover, synthetic oil will cost you even more. In general, diesel fuels are costlier than petroleum products. But at the end of the day, the whole cost of oil replacement will also depend on where you go for an oil change.


Diesel Oil Change Basics For You

Drain Interval

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If your truck or car’s engine uses gasoline, then an oil change is indispensable after 3 months or 3000 miles. It doesn’t, however, mean that your engine will collapse if you wait until reaching the 3500-mile mark. It is simply the standard. For diesel engines, the limit is as far as 7500 miles.

Do It Yourself Diesel Engine Maintenance

Changing oil in a diesel run engine is as same as in a gas run vehicle. You just need these tools: a new oil filter, a wrench, a big oil pan, an oil filter wrench, and sufficient amount of diesel oil. Once you have drained the oil for good, remove the gasket and oil filter and replace it with a new one. Now, place the drain plug in its previous position and pour in enough diesel in the engine. If you are dealing with an older engine, using synthetic oil will prolong the engine’s lifespan.

Except for the recommended interval for the oil change, there is no difference between a regular oil change and diesel oil change. Though visiting a service station may cost you a little higher, the opportunity to drive for a long time without having to change oil will eventually reduce the real cost.

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