Is Coolant Leaking From Bottom Of Car? Here’s Where You Should Look Into

Coolant leak is an unwanted situation that may come to haunt you. Maintaining a proper coolant level becomes essential when it comes to keeping your engine cool. That is why it becomes essential to detect and fix a coolant leak as soon as possible. If the coolant leaking from bottom of car is a situation, you are facing right now, reading through would be beneficial.

Coolant Leaking From Bottom Of Car – 3 Major Locations To Look For

When your coolant level starts dropping, initially you would notice no change. The moment the coolant levels goes too low, the engine would gradually begin to overheat. It is the car’s components that start getting prone to damaging next. This is why fixing coolant leaks, is one job that you can’t ignore.

1. Hoses

A car’s coolant system has at least four hoses or aptly the fluid pipes. The hoses are installed such that they carry the coolant to and fro the radiator. Over time or due to immense heat, there may emerge a case where these hoses develop cracks. The cracks may further lead to developing of leak points.

When coolant leaking from bottom of car is witnessed, it could be because of the worn out hoses. Visit a mechanic for hoses replacement and fixtures so that the appropriate coolant levels can be maintained.

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2. The Radiator Cap

A bad radiator cap is another thing to look for when you find coolant is leaking is from the car’s bottom. Whenever the coolant would heat up, it would overflow from the radiator’s end. The radiator works on the principle of pressure, and this pressure is stabilized with the help of a cap. When the cap isn’t fit properly, the pressure will not build up thus the loss of coolant.

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Detect the reason why coolant leaking from bottom of car (Photo Source: bukalapak)

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One needs to keep in check the pressure when diagnosing the reason for the leak. You could do this either by going through the car’s user manual or through visiting a car expert. You could also refer to maintenance tips, for symptoms of a bad radiator cap.

3. The Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket is a part of the internal combustion engine. One of the functions that the head gasket is equipped with is resisting any coolant leaks. Owing to the head gasket’s large surface area and due to exposure to temperature variations, they may develop leaks. If the coolant is leaking from the exhaust or the intake manifold, a blown gasket head could be the reason.

One should know that treating head gasket leaks should be a priority as they may expand over time. You should check the engine temperature gauge of your car for checking the issue. In case, you find that the temperature is abnormally rising, a blown head gasket could be the reason for the coolant’s leak.

What happen when coolant leaking from bottom of car
Resolve issue of coolant leaking from bottom of car (Photo Source: anpadeh)


Whenever you notice coolant leaking from bottom of car, do not ignore the issue. Always stay aware of what is happening to your car. How you nurture your car today decides its life in the long run.