Charging phone while car is off? Safe or Unsafe

The next generation plugs and enjoy devices in the car allows you to charge your phone in no time. But, charging phone while car is off has any harm to your car’s battery? The answer to this question is necessary to find out. Moreover, there are many technical reasons that are vital to consider like would charging phone drain the battery or is it safe for the phone’s battery.

So, without a further ado, let’s check it out now!

Charging Phone while Car is off: Is It Safe?

The car has numerous features. So, let’s check out whether or not your car would have any consequences when you charge the phone when the engine isn’t ignited.

1. Would it Drain the Car’s Battery?

Theoretically, yes charging the phone while car is off would drain out the battery. But, the drain is so small that it doesn’t even make a difference to the performance of the battery. Moreover, to charge your phone when the ignition is off, one should never rely on the old and shabby battery. The current that crosses the phone is in milli-ampere hence, it’s not even countable. The approximate charge consumption that a phone requires is two AH to one AH. For that amount of charges, you can charge your phone more than hundred times to drain the entire battery of the car. So, forget about using any maintenance tips at all.

Effects of charging the phone while car off
Charging the phone while car off is harmful

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2. Is it Safe for Phone’s Battery?

Your phone generally has nothing to do with the source of power at all. Whether you are using a USB cable or the accessory port of the car, the phone would be charged without any issue. The only thing that affects phone’s battery is the specification of the source through which you are about to charge your phone. If the input source is certified for the steadiness of power, it won’t harm your phone a bit.

So, your phone is completely safe and sound when charged in the car.

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3. Does your Car Allow it?

Many car models (especially the normal ones) allow charging through an accessory socket even after it is off. But, there are a few of the models that lock the electric charges to move towards the accessory socket or USB port when the ignition is off.

If your car allows demands the key to enabling charging your phone, you can surely charge. In case, the car is off but is in ACC mode, you still can charge without any doubt. Most of the Japanese car models like Honda, Toyota, and many others don’t allow you to charge when the ignition is off.

All about Charging phone while car is off
After effects of Charging phone while car is off

The bottom line is it’s up to the car model and feature whether it allows you to charge or not.

In a Nutshell

An emergency can knock your door anytime. In the same way, a need to charge your phone can arise anywhere and anytime. So, don’t hesitate to charging phone while car is off or on.