What Happens When You Don’t Change The Oil In Your Car?

It is rare to find a driver who never heard of this rule: change the oil in your car after driving 3,000 miles. But what people don’t know is why it is so important to change the oil in your car after crossing a certain mark. Though the world of automobile has changed significantly, the necessity of changing oil is nowhere to be obsolete. So how often to change the oil in our car? Let’s find out!

What does the oil do?

The oil in your vehicle is a major factor determining whether your car will run smoothly or not. Lubricating the engine dissipates the rising temperature in the engine. While circulating throughout the engine, the oil keeps all the components in working order and maintains a perfect operational condition.

Why changing the oil is so necessary?

During circulation, the oil accumulates debris and dirt from the engine. Though in a way the oil cleanses the engine, over time, the oil itself becomes dirty. And exactly that’s when a car engine oil change becomes indispensable.

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What happens when you fail to change the oil in your car? 

Failing to change the oil will result in different symptoms of engine trouble. The components in your engine will heat up. So, the engine will not work efficiently, and gradually the components will wear out. The same goes when you fail to lubricate the parts properly.

Not changing the oil for a long-time will lead to a premature engine shut down, permanently. At this point you have no other way open than replacing the engine with a new one. This may cost lots of money; forcing you to sell the car as scrap.


how often to change the oil


However the good news is that oil change is not that expensive. Indeed it is one of the least expensive maintenance procedures. So, when it’s time for a car engine oil change don’t dilly-dally, at least for your engine’s sake.

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In the event that the parts of your motor are not appropriately greased up it can cause the debasement of these segments and an expansion in erosion. This can make your motor overheat and make enormous harm your motor. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning your motor or might want to calendar and arrangement, don’t hesitate to call us. The specialists at Middle Country Automotive are prepared specialists in any motor repair administrations.

Through motor operation, the oil ingests particulates and will thicken to shape a slime. After some time, this slop can stop up the oil channel. This will at that point confine the stream of oil to the motor. This slime can likewise gather in the dish under the motor. In the event that the deplete opening is obstructed, it will likewise diminish the weight of the oil being given to your motor.

Changing the oil in your car will help you to avoid troubles
Changing the oil in your car will help you to avoid troubles

Not changing your oil consistently can cause more separate issues. In the event that you see that your motor is not working at it’s standard pace and utilizing oil at a quick rate, it might be an indication of an extreme condition. It would be ideal if you call Middle Country Automotive in Selden, NY or Centereach, NY to have your auto examined for any issues with your motor.

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