Cars With Digital Speedometer – Why Are They Not In Use Anymore?

A car’s dashboard is the most vital component that displays the essential information a driver needs while riding. It depicts the info about the speedometer, oil gauge, engine temperature, and other aspects. Today, we would focus on the speedometer and get to know why cars with digital speedometer are problematic. We would also discuss some benefits that come with a digital speedometer.

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Cars With Digital Speedometer – What Is Wrong And Right

In simple words, a speedometer tells your current speed of driving or how fast you are going. Most of the cars use the classic analog concept for this section instead of using a digital one. On the speedometer, one gets informed about the speed in MPH or Miles per Hour.

The problem with the digital display is that it only shows one side of the information that is the current speed. The needle mechanism shows two sides of the information the speed and the level of acceleration. So the needle moves forward or backward as you increase or decrease the rate or accelerate. This creates the inaccuracies when you do not get the change in velocity with digital displays.

As a result, you end up looking at the digital speedometer more than you do in the analog ones. It may also seem frustrating to the drivers who expect quick activity on the speed and acceleration rather than reading those numbers repeatedly.

Talking about the benefits, there are digital speedometer cars where the complete dashboard remains digital or only the part of the speedometer. Buying one totally depends on your preferences. However, there are some benefits too that come with digital speedometer such as:

  • The ability to switch from MPH to KPH and vice-versa

  • The calculation becomes easy to determine how fast you were going when obstructed by a cop

How The Modern Vehicle’s Speedometer Is Implemented For Good?

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Digital one does not give the feel of real speed (Photo Source: pixabay)


Modern vehicle’s speedometer is engineered as per the humans’ nature. Do not get dubious; we are going to keep it clear. The analog or the digital speedometer for cars is designed to show a speed more than you drive at. Whether in the MPH or KPH, it does not display your actual speed ever; instead, it shows numbers more than that.

The concept was introduced to as per the human’s psychology and this way the driver keeps the speed in control. It avoids the possibility of accidents that happen due to speed; also you do not get unnecessarily detained by a police officer.

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This feature was also implemented to the fuel gauge as well. Your fuel gauge always shows less fuel than it has. It shows ‘Fuel empty’ when there is still one gallon left. This way, the brain gets active for refilling it, and you do not get stuck on the way, and that remaining one gallon takes you to the nearby fuel station.

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Full gauge should be displayed the same (Photo Source: pixabay)

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So this way, cars with digital speedometer have both positive and negative aspects. It depends on you to give priority to the negative side or the positive one. However, if you have a car with an analog mechanism, then a Head-up display can be purchased that displays all the readings in digital form.