Caring For Your Vehicle Using Drying Towels

One of the most critical and immaculate things to consider for yourself is a car drying towel. Although it is inexpensive, people tend to ignore the importance of the role it will play for your car. 

When you have a good quality drying towel for your car and the internals, you can save many resources, including time and money. The shine on your vehicle will even last longer, and the detailing department will be as fresh as new.

However, any random cleaning cloth is not the best option for your car. When you choose the wrong drying towel, your vehicle might attain scratches. Even the dusting inside your vehicle may increase.

Hence, to help you avoid all of that, we’ve come up with an article that will help you out in picking the best car drying towel for your car. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s the need for a car drying towel?

A car drying towel is one of the tools which will bring the perfect finishing to your car detailing. Whenever you spend a day cleaning your car, the effort can go to waste without a good drying towel. 

Let’s say you’ve spent a ton of money on your cleaning equipment. However, at the end of the cleaning session, you decide to leave your car to dry by itself. This, in my opinion, is worse than leaving a vehicle dirty because it makes no difference.

When you leave the car to sundry, you’ll start noticing blotchy water droplets all over your windshield, as well as your car’s body. Even if your car is glossy, matter or chrome-coated, water droplets stick like an unwanted guest until the next wash.

The droplets of water can also contain impurities, which will ball over your car visibly for a long period. The dried dirt from the water droplets is stubborn, and they won’t go away through a swipe of a regular towel. 

Again, even if you choose to dry your car, but you’re doing it with an old cotton t-shirt, your car will, over time, have tiny scratches. The scratches are noticeable prominently under the sun. And let’s be honest, this doesn’t create a good impression. 

Hence, considering how there are way too many cons and no pros for not using a drying towel, we conclude that you need a car drying towel desperately for any occasion. 

Car drying towels come in various materials, shapes and have different features of their own. Hence, let’s start talking about the towels that will suit your car perfectly to dry after a cleanup.

The Best Car Drying Towel Materials

Microfiber towels

Microfiber Towels are one of the most trending towels as of now. Microfiber cloth is perfect for drying your car and cleaning the interior as well. Because of their finely built structure, the towels catch lint and dirt perfectly without leaving any streaks behind.

The microfiber towel is currently versatile in terms of its usage. Not only can you dry your car, but you can also use it for your detailing station. They’re lint-free and very absorbent. The properties make them the best material for drying your car. 

The sizes of microfibers cleaning towels are of variety. You can pick anyone that suits you the most. If you plan on drying your entire car body with it, you can go for the ones which are the longest in size. The microfiber towels are easy to wash, so taking care of them won’t be a problem.

A 16 inch by 16-inch microfiber can suit perfectly for cleaning your windows and the interiors. You can easily store them at the corner of your car, as they’re lightweight and very compact. 

We suggest you get around 180-200 GSM thickness when you’re opting for a microfiber. The lower the GSM, the lighter it will be – which is good for interiors. However, you can also go for thicker microfibers for drying the exterior of your car.

However, one backlash to the microfiber is maintaining it. To keep the fibers soft, you’ll have to hand wash them correctly each time after use. They’re not compatible with fabric-softener either. If you use the towel in a heated environment, the fibers might have micro-burns, which will result in a streaky clean up because of their polyester material. 

You’ll have to look after your microfiber individually. One notable thing about washing it is, you can’t throw it in the washer or dryer with other items. You’ll only get the best out of your microfiber and make it have a long lifespan when you take care of it separately. 

Terry towels

You must be familiar with terry towels because most of the washroom towels are made up of them. They’re instrumental in terms of taking care of your car as well. 

The material Is made up of absorbent fibers, which are also durable, and you can work with them under any given heat without causing the towel to burn. 

Although, there are variations in the quality of terry towels. Some of them are built with higher GSM, which makes them sturdier and thicker. We don’t prefer them for cleaning your car, but you can use them for cleaning your wheels and upholstery.

For cleaning the exterior and the interior of your car, you can use softer and higher quality terry towels. That will eliminate the chances of having scratches and an unclean car quickly. Terry towels can range in prices and sizes, hence lookout for the one which suits you the most. 

Huck towels

If you’re looking for a towel that will be perfect for tight spaces, huck towels are the one to go for. You can clean your interior and windows with ease. Huck towels now, however, are replaced by microfiber towels. 

Huck towels are the easiest to clean and look after. If you plan on not investing any time and care after your towels, huck towels can be your savior. They’re lint-free cleaning cloths that are easily washable with detergent, unlike microfiber towels. 

The absorbency of huck towels is excellent, and they’re great for dusting and polishing your car. They have a weave-like feel to them once washed. 


Therefore, by now, we hope you have everything there is to know about car towel cleaners. Make sure never to use bleach, as it may leave streaks on your car. Rinse the towels with care and you’re all set for achieving the perfect car cleaning.