First Thing to do when your Car Stops while Releasing Clutch?

The clutch is located somewhere between the transmission and engine. Applying clutch separate the contact between these two. At this situation, there are two possibilities- car stops while releasing clutch or it responds, as it should be. If you are facing the first situation, knowing the prime thing to do is necessary. That’s why we are here with the complete process that you should opt when your car stops when releasing the clutch.

So let’s explore!

 What to do when the Car Stops while Releasing Clutch

Regardless of the car model or engine type, various problems are there that can emerge suddenly. Follow the given process to tackle the situation when your car is no more responding after releasing the clutch.

1. Examine the Engine Behaviour

The first thing that comes to mind when the car stops while releasing clutch, is to examine engine behavior. For that purpose, you have to find the REV meter, depress the clutch, and then start the engine. Note down the meter reading when the engine was inactive. Make sure that you reach the fifteen-hundred to two-thousand REVs. This way you will be able to feel how hard you have to accelerate and how loud the engine is producing the sound. You can turn off the radio or ventilator in order to hear the engine sound properly.

 Inspect the Engine Behaviour When Car stops while releasing clutch
Major Thing to do When Car stops while releasing clutch (Photo Source: istockphoto)

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2. Tipping Points on the Clutch

Now that engine is in active mode, your foot is off the accelerator, the clutch is pressed, and have an eye on REV meter, it’s the right time to feel the tipping points on the clutch. By lifting the clutch pedal, you will be able to feel the tipping points. If the vibrations in the car are decreasing the reading in the meter and the clutch braked the engine, it’s the situation when car wants to start but isn’t powered enough to do so. Over lifting the clutch, can results to car stalling. So ensure that you find the point before this happens.

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3. Start Again

Everything is at the place and the car is in first gear so, lift the clutch, and examine the tipping points again. This time when the engine starts to slow down, accelerate until it reaches fifteen hundred in the meter. Slowly lift the clutch pedal and accelerate as much as you can. The car will start successfully. Changing the gears during driving is a normal phenomenon, but accelerating slowly and carefully can save your car from being stalled. Releasing the clutch all of a sudden is harmful to the engine.

How to Move off When Car stops while releasing clutch
Why does Car stops while releasing clutch (Photo Source: gettyimages)

Winding up

Use this method whenever you are stuck in a situation when the car stops while releasing clutch. It’s one of the best maintenance tips that you can use to resolve this issue in no time. If nothing happens even after following each step carefully, it is better you contact the experts before the situation get worst.