Basic Reasons For Car Shakes When AC Is On

Here you will become acquainted with basic faults that are causing car shakes when AC is on and decreasing the capabilities of various internal parts of the engine.

When your car starts shaking while the AC is on, it’s time to discover the culprit. There could be assorted reasons why this dilemma has appeared in your car, but major causes are essential to be found.

Top Reasons Why Car Shakes When AC Is On

Car shaking, while AC is on, is one such dilemma that can happen anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it’s preferable to know the cause of this problem. 

After all, no one wants to deal with a much bigger issue, which can be fixed as soon as it has happened. So, let’s delve deeper into the causes of why the car vibrates when the AC is on below:

Failed AC Compressor

The AC compressor is a smaller engine in itself and puts a lot of stress on the car’s engine. 

When you turn on the vehicle AC, the engine triggers some elements, like the air control motor or idle speed, so that the idle compressor can be increased by compensating with extra drag.

In a situation where the car shakes when AC is on, inaccuracy in this process could be the reason behind it. In many cases, additional drag can result in vibrating idle and in fact, the engine stalling.

When the steering wheel (especially the power steering) is turned while the AC is on, the chances of engine stalling become higher. Increased shaking could be the result of broken motor mounts too. So, look for this issue!

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why does my car shake when i turn on the ac
Increased shaking could be the result of a broken AC compressor. (Photo: Natrad)

Increased Pressure

An AC compressor puts a strain on the engine and in a situation when the pressure goes above 400 PSI, it eventually leads to vibrations. If the pressure continues to increase, some parts of the engine can wear out ultimately. 

However, some other reasons may include the issue with a cooling fan or some blockage in the AC system. 

In such conditions, you can either use some fail-proof maintenance tips or take your car to the nearest mechanic store as soon as possible.

Shabby Engine/ Transmission Mount

The mounts go under a lot of strain every time you turn on the AC, which can cause the car vibrates when AC is on

Each mount plays its role to keep the transmission and engine in place to uphold a proper suspension angle. It also keeps wiring, hoses, and isolation from vibration or noise in place. 

Hence, any issue in the mount will result in shakes or vibrations. The broken mount can lead to increased vibration and noises especially when the compressor of AC puts pressure on the engine. 

Therefore, check your mounts to resolve this issue.

car shaking when ac is on
Take note of points you didn’t know about car shakes when AC is on to solve the issue ASAP. (Photo Source: My Car Makes Noise)

Loosed Hoses Connection

Loosen or disconnected hoses are a common cause of vehicle vibration when you turn on any electric function related to an engine, such as the air conditioner. Loose hoses disrupt the flow of the condition system. 

Keep in mind that any electrical problem, no matter how minor or major, might disrupt the car’s correct smooth operation and stability control.

Excessive Engine Load

The AC compressor works with the engine and exerts load on it. There is a load limit that the engine can withstand, and over it produces failure. To stress the engine, it is required to provide restricted pressure to it and maintain a particular difference. 

If the load on the engine is excessive, it may cause some parts of the engine to wear out. It does, however, produce a clog in the AC system that can only be handled by a professional.

Faulty Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is extremely vital in the engine. It is used in engines to spray gasoline and regulate the flow of fuel. It uses electronically controlled valves to allow them to open and close several times per second. 

A faulty fuel injector increased engine pressure, causing the car to vibrate with air conditioning.

engine shakes when ac is on
The fuel injector is extremely vital in the engine but can cause car shakes with ac on. (Photo: Auto Trends Magazine)

Failed Spark Plugs

An explosion of air and gasoline is used to inject spark plugs, which provide electricity for the automobile engine. Damaged spark plugs are unable to act correctly and create vehicle vibration when the AC is turned on. 

Moreover, the broken spark plugs never supply the correct energy and power, causing the automobile to vibrate and damaging the engine. If you discover an issue with the spark plugs, replace them.

Filthy Throttle Body

The throttle body keeps the air-flowing system in your car’s engine running smoothly. However, it is an air-passing component that gets filthy rapidly, causing automotive engines to lack enough airflow. 

As a consequence, when you switch on the car AC, it rattles because it is unable to acquire adequate airflow.

Car Vibrates When AC Is On: How To Fix The Problem?

Your solutions to solve car vibrates with ac on issue will be totally dependent on your specific situation, but there are simple approaches to diagnose each. The vibration is an evident indication that is typically traceable through trial and error.

If your car doesn’t shake when the air conditioning is turned off, for example, your AC is most likely to blame.

Bringing your car to a skilled specialist is the best approach to fix or diagnose any problem. The best place to start is with air conditioning repair services or a local technician.

Allowing specialists to handle it increases the likelihood that the diagnosis will be more certain and the remedy will be more successful.

You can use simple approaches recommended by experts to diagnose the real causes of the problem. (Photo: Car Shtuff) / Alt: car shakes when ac is on and idling
You can use simple approaches recommended by experts to diagnose the real causes of the problem. (Photo: Car Shtuff)

Work carefully and have a backup plan if you’re hands-on and know what you’re doing. You always face the danger of not having the right equipment or enough hands to do the job properly.

Keep a mechanic in mind in case you need to bring your vehicle in, and avoid driving a vehicle that is excessively shaking for safety reasons.

Final Words

Having an issue isn’t something to worry about, not doing anything about it is the foremost concern. So use these maintenance tips and check for the suspected parts whenever a car shakes when AC is on.

That’s the way; you can make the vehicle durable and enhance your driving experience.