Car Break Lights Won’t Turn Off – The Possible Reasons

Brake lights or tail lights of an automobile should always remain in sound shape. It is so to keep things safer when enjoying those long drives. The vehicles behind your car always notice brake lights while driving. The brake lights use a switch to notify whether the lights are on or off. This brake light switch is connected to the brake pedal. It completes the circuit when you push the brake. Sometimes the brake lights won’t turn off due to circuit error or other reasons.

The reasons can be anything from a circuit failure to the brake pedal going out of order. There is a plunger style button that completes the circuit. Pressing the brake switch results in circuit opening and turning the lights on.

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Why Car Brake Lights Won’t Turn Off After Turning The Ignition OFF?

Diagnosing the brake switch or pedal issue is necessary to fix it properly. You can check the brake pedal stalk to find the switch. Or taking car to an expert mechanic would be a wise decision as well.

Pressing and depressing the brake pedal numerous times might help to connect switch and tail lights. There is a rubber stopper that pushes the plunger-style button. You might need to replace the rubber stopper if it is not working correctly.

Here are the reasons behind brake lights not turning off even when the car is off.

Brake Switch Not Working

The brake lights won’t turn off if the switch is stuck or not working properly. You might need to adjust or replace the brake switch to fix the issue.

The automobile battery starts to drain if the brake lights are ON for long. The professionals suggest detaching the car battery when facing this issue. Make sure to save battery power to start the car until the issue resolves.

According to expert maintenance tips, brake switch sticking is the most common reason behind lights staying ON. You can replace the switch from the brake pedal to identify the problem.

Diagnosing brake switch would help to discover the main problem. Go for the replacement is brake switch is out of order.

Brake lights won’t turn off- Common reasons behind it
Things you need to know about brake lights won’t turn off issue (Photo Source: Pixabay)

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Brake Pedal Stuck

Brake pedal stuck can be another reason for brake lights staying ON. The brake lights won’t turn off if the brake pedal is not closing the switch properly.

The lights remain ON until the connection between switch and pedal is active. The rubber stopper also has a lot of work to do in this process. It helps to adjust the brake pedal appropriately.

Debris or corrosion between the switch and pedal might also affect the process. Going for the experts would be great to resolve the issue in no time.

Make sure to give your car a professional servicing and maintenance if the issue does not fix.

All you need to know about brake lights won’t turn off
Brake lights won’t turn off- Know the Possible Reasons (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Final Thoughts

Your automobile’s brake pedals might require special treatment to remain in good condition. If the brake lights won’t turn off even when the ignition is off, then make sure to check brakes ASAP.