Warning Signs That Necessitate Body Control Module Reset

Body Control Module also known as BCM is a special part of an automobile. It makes the driver familiar with any troubles happening inside the engine or the entire vehicle. The BCM is the central unit of a car just like the CPU in your personal computer. It controls and manages numerous functions inside the engine unit. If the central system is not working properly, a professional will perform a Body Control Module reset to make things perfect again.

The major function of this system is to detect and report the issues appropriately. One might require an expert to fix the dilemmas occurring with the car system. It is because troubleshooting a malfunctioned BCM is not as easy as it may sound. This malfunctioning can lead to across-the-board damage to the vehicle as well.

What Does A Body Control Module Do?

Simply put, the body control module (BCM) will regulate and monitor the performance of all the electronic components in your car. BCM connects door locks, headlights, and windshield wipers. It links many electronic vehicle features together and keeps them under central surveillance so that your automobile can operate them easily. This extends the smooth operation of the safety and security systems. In addition, the BCM acts as a collection point for other modules to help them interconnect from the single source while performing separately. Although there might not be much of a functional link between your gauge cluster and your power sunroof, in automotive design, having them all under one roof is a common practice.

Let’s find out further to know where is the body control module located? It may be difficult for some drivers to locate the position of the body control module. The location of the BCM can vary in the car depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Normally, you can find the part under the dashboard on the driver’s side in the center console, or in the engine compartment. However, to make sure to identify the exact position, you should refer to the owner manual or a repair manual for specific location information. In some cases, the BCM may be integrated with other modules or components, such as the instrument cluster or the fuse box.

Vital Symptoms That Call For Body Control Module Reset

On-time maintenance and servicing of the automobile are necessary to the highest degree. One should not ignore the symptoms or warning signs of a failing Body Control Module (BCM) system at all. Keeping the central system in good health will assist in enhancing the age of your car. Several engine components or electronic supply gets disturbed in the engine sometimes. A well-maintained BCM system will help in identifying and curing the issue for sure.

Let us talk about what are the symptoms of a bad body control module

The symptoms of bad body control modules will range from operational issues to the total breakdown of some features in your car. Some major symptoms of a bad body control module include failed communication, poor performance in driving, and a comfort module. Besides, you will notice the failure in door lock functions and other safety and security systems. 

1. Burnt fuse box

The chief symptom that calls for Body Control Module reset is the burnt or overheated fuse box. If you ever see heat or smoke from the fuse box, make sure to take your car to a professional to avoid the troubles that might be coming your way. A burnt fuse box or failed BCM system can cost you to fortune. Do not ignore this symptom at all. The professional will identify the matter before beginning the troubleshooting process.

Need to know all about body control module reset
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2. Jerking or shaking

The car starts to produce jerks and shakes if the BCM is not in good condition. It usually happens when you accelerate the car at a higher speed. Your vehicle will become jerky as long as you push the accelerator to increase the speed. One might have to follow the expert maintenance tips to avoid this dilemma. The mechanic will make things perfect again by repairing or removing the damaged parts.

3. Jammed electronic supplies

Trouble inside the BCM system can cause problems with electronic circuits and supplies. One might face some issues while locking or unlocking the doors, windows, and other electrical appliances. The music system and AC of the car may not work smoothly like before. Retuning the clock and radio frequencies every time you start the engine is also the vital symptoms that necessitates Body Control Module reset in no time.

4. Disturbed pick-up

Pick-up of the car gets disturbed when the BCM system is not working properly. You might have to face the issue regularly if not cured on time. The issue generally occurs while you accelerate the car at a higher speed. A professional will examine the pickup on its own before troubleshooting the entire module system.

Points to know about body control module reset
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5. Problem with other modules

The body control module monitors and controls the operation of other modules in your car. When the BCM is going bad, you will expect the malfunction of other modules. You should expect erratic behaviors from the alarm system, lights, wipers, or comfort and security elements. The BCM receives the signals from all the other modules except those connecting to the engine performance. You can tell you have a bad body control module if you notice the unusual activation and deactivation of the modules.

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How To Repair A Body Control Module

The wrong body control module can be replaced but can’t. Depending on the placement of the unit in your car, water, vibration, heat, and age can all contribute to a module failing. Make sure to keep your body control module clean and dry and protect it from excessive heat or unwanted shaking if at all possible.

The Final Words

There you have it! These major issues demand the Body Control Module reset in the car. One can avoid these issues by offering regular maintenance and service to the automobile.