5 Things That Might Indicate an Impending BMW Water Pump Failure

Whether it’s a water pump, windscreen, electrical systems, engine, or anything of your BMW, every part of your car is important. A little defect in any one part might affect the entire working of the vehicle. If we talk about the water pump, it is the main part of engine’s cooling system. And, if it stops working, the actual problem starts!

So, to help you out, here are some useful tricks that will help you figure out your BMW Water Pump Failure.

5 Things that Helps to Figure out BMW Water Pump Failure

The job of a water pump is to continually pass the coolant right through the complete cooling circuit. Thus, helps in regulating the flow rate of the coolant. A dreadful water pump can cause overheating of your Bimmer’s engine.

Therefore, you should check the water pump of your vehicle as soon as you come across these situations.

1. Shrill Droning Sounds

The reason for this shrill squeak from your BMW might be your loose belt. This slack belt could signify a slackened pulley or exhausted bearings in the water pump. If the bearings of your BMW have tattered entirely, it may happen that your water pump needs to be changed in order to prevent water pump failure.

2. Engine Overheating

Different BMW Water Pump Failure
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There are several reasons that can scorch your BMW’s engine. If you notice the temperature sensor of your car is red or dash is popping up with warnings, you need to consult an auto expert straight away. A botched water pump will overheat your car, ensuing in further engine damage. You may also face some costly repairs of head gaskets and broken cylinder heads if your water pump fails.

3. Coolant Leaks

If you ever observe a leak impending from the front part of your BMW, you should not ignore it. It may be possible that the leak is an indication of a lot of problems that are about to come. If the color of the liquid is blue, it may happen that it is a coolant leak coming from the water pump.

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4. Steam Emitting from the Radiator

The steam from your radiator is not at all a good sign. It might be coming from an overheated engine caused by the improper working of the water pump. The main work of the water pump is to circulate water to the radiator. If the pump is not functioning right or if the hoses contain many disconnects, the coolant will not go from one point to another in the engine, parting it vulnerable to overheating.

5. Rust on the Water Pump

Corrosion and rust on the water pump might be another indication of your BMW water pump failure. This corrosion prevents the water pump to successfully move the coolant. In this case, you need to get your pump replaced to ensure proper working of the vehicle. If you wish to know more about the proper working of water pump, explore out some maintenance tips by the car experts.

All about BMW Water Pump Failure
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So, the above-mentioned things are responsible for your BMW water pump failure. Next time, if you come across such situations, get it treated immediately.