Which is the Best Car Color to Hide Dirt?

Choosing the right car color may not be as simple as you may think. Selecting the best car color to hide dirt is another challenge. To your surprise, let me tell you that not all automobile colors are created equally, some demand more maintenance and care than others. If you want more ownership and long-lasting effect and satisfaction for the color of your car, you must gather enough knowledge about available colors and their effect on the maintenance of a car.

Understanding the Best Car Color to Hide Dirt

Several colors look to be perfect but are not right for maintenance tips. Let’s understand different colors and their significance.

1. Black

Look for the best car color to hide dirt
Best car color to hide dirt is black. Source: BestCarMag.com

It is true that car owners simply love this color but the black car comes with several disadvantages. Despite the emotions and love people have for this color, it easily gets heat up and even makes the interiors warm, it is the hardest color to keep clean and also shows up dents.

On the contrary, black is the hottest color of all and beautifully shows every detail of the car.

2. Dark Metallic Blue

Dark metallic blue is not as difficult to deal with even being close to the dark color range. This color is multiple times better than black or any other dark car color. It does not reach the surface temperature as black does, giving a gorgeous and classy look to the car. Folks who love unique and sophisticated colors will surely love dark metallic blue car color. In short, this is the best car color to hide dirt and it also makes the car look trendy.

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3. Light Metallic Grey

This color is not widely loved by all folks but it represents sophistication and elegance when it comes to car colors. The color is easy on care and maintenance in comparison to other colors, keeps the car away from sunlight and builds up. This color is far better than other colors in terms of keep dirt and debris.

Whether you are buying a hybrid car or an SUV, color selection is an important part of buying a car.

4. Silver

Select the best car color to hide dirt
Silver is one of the best car color to hide dirt. Source: Gate to Adventures

The silver color is known as the king of ease. It has the unique and stunning combination of style, ease and longevity. Even professionally, this color is the best of all sorts and suits almost every car. The color is not in the league of light shades like white neither it looks loud like sky blue or red. This color is simply the best to hide dirt and forgives heat and build-up.

5. Burgundy

Burgundy shows deep shadows and depth in the color unlike any other color of its version. People usually get confused when selecting between black and burgundy. The color is the part of the dark color family where heat may transfer inside to the car but is prone to show imperfections and blemishes of any other paint colors.

The color is quite dramatic when detailed to perfection. Giving near to black color looks, burgundy has a decent fan following.

Selecting the right color type may get a bit difficult in case you are too specific. Every individual has different needs and specification when it comes to car colors. Some folks need the best car color to hide dirt while other may focus simply on looks.

So research well and make the right choice.