What Will Happen When A Potato is Stuffed in a Car Exhaust Pipe?

Many of us have tried this prank of stuffing a potato in the car exhaust pipe. But, sometimes a simple prank becomes a big trouble for car owners. This stuffing can essentially increase the gas pressure within a self-sufficient air pump and it can result in two following situations: Car stalling, Ejection of potato. Let’s explore these situations in detail to figure out what actually happens when a potato is stuffed in a car exhaust pipe.

What occurs when a potato is stuffed in a car exhaust pipe?

When you shove a potato or any other food in the exhaust pipe system, it eventually blocks the airflow and the engine won’t start. As a result, one of the two things can take place:

1. The stalling of the car

If the potato perfectly fits the exhaust system, it will definitely lead to a crack in the pipe. These ruptures will gradually leak fumes inside the car and will make the car to stall. As a result, there will be no fresh air for the exhaust and it will eventually stop operating. It can hamper the engine’s functionality and make it operate weakly and probably die overall. Thus, something can break out and it will not be funny anymore.

Effects of potatos stuffed in car exhaust
Effects of potatos stuffed in car exhaust. Source: Auto Trader

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2. Shooting out the Potato

On the other hand, it may happen that the potato is expelled out before sufficient pressure builds to harm the engine. The starter motor of the engine applies huge torque, rotates the pump, and eventually creates a little backpressure. Thereby, making the potato to shoot out in a complex flight path. You need not worry. In this situation, your car will be fine. To know more about the projectile’s flight path, you can refer some car maintenance tips by the experts.

Most of the people found this funny but they need to understand that it can be a dangerous act. It can eternally damage your vehicle and can even hurt you. In case if the potato is undersized or does not fit well into the exhaust pipe, nothing will take place. The potato will simply slip down the exhaust pipe and will make no difference to the car engine.

How a potato is stuffed in a car exhaust pipe of the car
After results when a potato is stuffed in a car exhaust pipe. Source: AutoGuide.com

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Regardless of what the outcomes of stuffing a potato or some other food item into an exhaust system are, it’s a dodgy act that could enduringly harm the car and even injure you. So, don’t try to do this prank with anyone as it can end up your happiness in just one moment.