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5 Symptoms To Track When Driving With Bad Purge Valve

There is a system called “evaporative emission control system,” that, in turn, holds a vapor canister purge valve. The valve carries the responsibility to regulate the amount of fuel vapor emerging from the charcoal canister. The purge valve is known to work in synchronization with the charcoal canister to recycle the emissions as they need to get eliminated through the internal combustion process. That is why; driving with bad purge valve can affect the engine.

Are you worried about how would you know that the valve has malfunctioned? Here are five most common symptoms to track that signifies that the purge valve needs repair/replacement.

Symptoms Of Driving With Bad Purge Valve

If you have a bad purge valve, the situation would be worse than a non-working charcoal canister. Here are the symptoms that could help you decide that it is the purge valve that has been creating issues.

1. The Check Engine Light Turns “ON”

While there is a dozen of reasons that can lead to illumination of the check engine light, a bad purge valve could be one of them. There are sensors present in the car’s system that tracks the working of the purge valve, and once the signals from the valve fail to transmit; an indication is a result. Once the sensors detect a loss of signal from the valve, the information gets further communicated to the engine control unit. This is why the dashboard light illuminates indicating that you have been driving with bad purge valve.

Learn all about driving with bad purge valve
Mind the check engine light then check your valve

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2. Rough Idling

Is being stuck in a traffic jam with the engine “ON” a common thing to you? If yes, you would know how smoothly or roughly your vehicle handles it. In case, you have been noticing a change that has resulted in rough idling, you need to visit a mechanic. The chances are that the purge valve has been failing and requires your attention. Do not overlook the issue as it could lead to halting of the engine altogether as vacuum leaks are too likely to occur.

3. Tricky Ignition

When your car is dealing with a vacuum leak, it is likely that you would find it challenging to start the car. This problem is even more consistent when it is the purge valve that has gone haywire. The vacuum leak would further create a let-in through which air enters the engine and interrupts the combustion process big time. Now, that is not much of a favorable situation! You could also refer to maintenance tips for more problems that could lead to delay in starting your vehicle.

4. Engine Performance Is Not Up To The Mark

If you are a lover of high speeds, a poor purge valve will ruin the entire fun of driving. The engine performance would get poor, and no matter how hard you try, the power generation would deteriorate. In case you have already started missing your smooth rides, you need to visit a mechanic. You need to take care of such small issues when moving with desired speeds in on the mind.

5. The Emission Test Failures

Do you know that a purge valve averts toxic hydrocarbons from being ejaculated from the tailpipe? Then, when you have a bad purge valve, there the toxic hydrocarbons would exit the internal system. Such a situation would not be good for your emission control tests. With more of toxicity in the air, you would also be reducing your carbon footprint. If it is the purge valve that has been creating the mess, you’d better get it repaired or replaced as the need be.

driving with bad purge valve
Test your emission to detect bad purge valve

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Summing Up

These are the five most common symptoms that you need to track when driving with bad purge valve. Always remember, the better the health of your car is , the better the driving experience is.

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  1. brian moore says

    hi, i have a 95 maxima with a p0443, or a bad purge valve solenoid. i have rough idle, stalling after warming up and also difficulty starting. what tests do you perform before assessing that it is stuck open or closed, i do see a bit of white smoke at start up with rough idle. i have 292,000 on her and been going nuts with codes and this problem has been here for awhile, but just recently threw the code, i also have a 0150, which is bank 1 sensor 2 i believe 02 sensor. most likely this is piggy backing off of the evap fault as the 02 was new a few months back. please, what do i do to test to get her running right again? lots of new parts and still rough idle and now this, thanks

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