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Under 3 hours to Fix White Smoke From Exhaust Pipe

It’s time to pay attention to your car if it discharges smoke from the exhaust pipe. The fume can be of different colors that may not be dangerous at all. However, you should not ignore white smoke from exhaust pipe because it could be the sign of some big problems.

What Does White Smoke from Exhaust Pipe Mean?

Sometimes, the buildup of normal condensation inside the exhaust system causes very thin white vapor. There’s nothing to be worried in this case as it disappears very quickly. On the other hand, thick white smoke could be the warning sign of many serious issues such as a broken cylinder head, blown head gasket, or a cracked engine block – all of which are costly repairs.

The coolant burning is another reason of white smoke. Even a small leak poses the risk of overheating and thereby severe engine damage. It may cause the coolant to mix with oil and can damage important engine parts.

white smoke from exhaust pipe

How to Stop Car Smoking Exhaust?

Follow these steps if your vehicle discharges an excessive amount of white steam:

Inspect the intake gasket

An intake manifold evenly distributes the coolant or combustion mixture to each intake port in the cylinder heads. There’s a gasket that seals that manifold to the head. If it fails or gets damaged, the coolant will enter the port and then to the combustion chamber. Your job is to remove the intake manifold and examine the gasket to see if there’s any leak or rust. If it turns out to be fine, follow the next step.

Examine further to check the head gasket

When the intake gasket is okay, probe further to find out the reason of the smoke. There’s a head gasket that seals the cylinder head to a block through which the coolant flows to the cylinder. Any leak or damage in this part will cause the coolant enter the combustion chamber and create a stream of white steam coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Look for any crack in the cylinder head

This part is made of aluminum that is prone to breaking in overheated conditions. You have to change it if it appears to be broken or damaged in any other way. It’s important to ensure that it seals evenly with the engine block and head gasket.

white smoke from exhaust pipe

Fixing such a problem is easy if you are an experienced mechanic. However, it will be wise to take the vehicle to a repair shop because changing any auto part is a complicated job for an amateur.

Coolant is an antifreeze ingredient that keeps the engine cool when everything is normal. However, the white smoke from exhaust pipe comes out when this element leaks into the engine’s combustion compartment. A pungent odor accompanies the steam, which is an easy way to detect the problem. Other symptoms are engine overheating and loss of coolant without any visible leak.

  1. srikanth says

    I have an Alto petrol car 2007 model. When i start the car i can see a white smoke coming out for 30 to 45 seconds and then disappears. Other thing is if I on AC coolent tank is getting empty soon with in 70 to 100km. if not coolent tank is consisten a very little amount of coolent is consuming. Please suggest what would be the reason and how to fix that, do i have to contact a specialist who can do this or a normal mechanic

  2. Christian says

    My Honda crv 2001 is smoking and also shortage of oil on daily basis,

  3. kemar duffus says

    My car is smoking white smoke only when I start the car in the morning .But the car is not over hearting .I would like to know what cause the smoking
    accent hatchback 2016

  4. Everton says

    I have Ford Fiesta 2009 Automatic and I realise that o have been losing a lot of coolant over a the past week and 2 days ago the oil was roped up and it is all out now the car begin to smoke (thick white smoke) from the exhaust.
    Please help!
    Do you guys know what is happening?

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