10 Mercedes-Benz Facts That You Didn’t Know

The Mercedes-Benz is one of the German auto manufacturers that combines luxury with performance. It produces a full line of cars, roadsters, SUVs, sedans, and more. The brand’s motto is ‘the best or nothing,’ and it strictly adheres to this philosophy since its launch in 1926. There are many interesting Mercedes-Benz facts that will amuse every automobile enthusiast.

Amazing Mercedes-Benz Facts That You Didn’t Know

The vehicles manufactured by this brand are known for their pure class and quality. The dogged pursuit of excellence has created many stories about how the quality of the products is maintained during the manufacturing process. However, these facts will surely wow the car lovers:

The company manufactures the longest Sedan in the world

The length of the S-Class Pullman is 6.5 meters. It’s the longest sedan that you can buy in today’s market.

Porsche designed a car for Mercedes

Ferdinand Porsche, Porsche’s founder, designed and developed the Mercedes-Benz T80 in 1939. It was a six-wheeler that was supposed to break the Land Speed Record of the then time. Nevertheless, the speed-test did not take place due to the outbreak of the WWII.

A Mercedes-Benz SUV was used in the Jurassic Park movie

Steven Spielberg used the Mercedes-Benz ML 320 car in his huge blockbuster movie in 1993. The automobile is currently in the display of Stuttgart’s MB Museum, Germany.

Mercedes-benz facts

Thousands of separate inspections

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Each car goes through thousands of independent inspections during the manufacturing process. There’s one inspector for every eleven workers, and they ensure that there’s no fault in the production or assembly.

Absolutely no squeaky or rattling sound

The company ensures the quality of its vehicles by welding each one in 10,000 places. No matter what’s the mileage, there’s no scope for a bolt or nut to become loose. So, you’ll hear no rattle or groan when your automobile turns old.

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The vehicles remain steady on the road

The cars won’t create any jarring or shaky feeling because every vehicle sits on a swing axle suspension system. It is highly strong and stable to allow a firm grip on the road.

The cars are not painted but drowned in anti-corrosion coating

You won’t probably see this for the vehicles of other manufacturers. The body of each automobile is literally drowned in a 52-ton primer bath. As a result, the anti-corrosion substance reaches every nook and corner.

The brand uses high-quality rust preventing ingredient

In addition to the primer coating, the company safeguards its products with permanent plasticized undercoating.  Twenty-five pounds of the anti-rust ingredient is sprayed under the wheels of each and every vehicle.

Mercedes-benz facts

The seats provide support for internal organs

It is surely one of the most impressive Mercedes-Benz facts. The engineers take suggestions from prominent orthopedic physicians to ensure that the seats are highly ergonomic. They provide support for vital body parts such as back, knee-joint, kidneys, etc.

Every engine is tested before attaching to the vehicle

It’s another step in the meticulous manufacturing process. The workers run some tests for more than an hour. During this time, they refill oil for over 60 times so that the engine is clear of dirt and debris.

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