Difference Between Volkswagen Golf And GTI: Hatchback Models

Volkswagen, the leading carmaker company launched its first “Golf” series in 1974. Currently running with its seventh generation under different nameplates and in various body configurations such as VW Golf and Golf GTI, it’s still one of the bestselling cars among people. With similar exterior styling, it is quite hard to distinguish difference between Golf and GTI. So, if you are looking for a better car out of these famous twins of Volkswagen family, check out the comparison list ahead.

Standard Volkswagen Golf Overview

When it comes to base Golf model, this car is fun to drive and is sufficient for a small family at a fraction of the cost. Offering 5-speed in a manual transmission, one can look for 6-speed too, in the automatic version of it. Starting at $20, 715, the car has certain enhancements in its latest model like blind spot monitoring, Leatherette seating surfaces, forward collision warning, and rear cross-traffic alert system, which every buyer wishes today in his automobile.

Volkswagen GTI Overview

Volkswagen GTI Sports Car
Volkswagen GTI Overview. Source: VW

One of the favorite customer’s variations in Golf series, the GTI offers 6-speed in both the manual as well as automatic transmission. Some of the standard features to expect in this car model are plaid cloth seating, performance brakes, and a push-button to start.

Asking price of GTI’s sports car starts from $28,815.

Difference Between Golf And GTI: Which Hatchback Model Is The Best?

1. Cargo Space And Storage

Storage space is the obvious difference between Golf and GTI, all those looking to enjoy driving and carry bulk cargo can purchase any of these two cars. As they, both offer same storage space of 23cu.ft behind the rear seat and 53cu.ft during back seat folded.

Comparison of Volkswagen Golf Vs GTI
Cargo Space comparison of Volkswagen Golf Vs GTI. Source: Digital Trends

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2. Engine Transmission And Performance

The basic and the main difference between the Golf Vs GTI lies in the engine.

Volkswagen Golf

The standard Golf car has a turbocharged engine with the capacity of 1.8 liters producing 199lbs torque and 170 horsepower. Equipped with four cylinders, this car claims an efficiency of 25 mpg in city and 35mpg on the highway. In addition to this, the standard VW Golf car has sport-tuned suspension, which is specially designed to take large and deep pothole with poise. Thus, this feature lets you enjoy a bumpy free ride while you are traveling in the car.

Volkswagen GTI

On the contrary, Golf GTI produces 210 horsepower with 258lbs of torque. Having 2.0 liter of the engine and four cylinders, this invention claims to reach 60mph of speed within 6.1 seconds. And, when it comes to mileage, it has proved to withstand at 24mpg in city and 32mpg on the highway. Also, the Golf GTI is equipped with the dynamic adaptive control system, which keeps your car close to the road without any torque steer. Moreover, for measuring how fast the car turns on curves or sharp bent, the GTI version of this series has an adjustable driving dynamics and a performance monitor with G meter.

3. Other Features In Volkswagen Golf Vs GTI

When it comes to car comparison of VW golf Vs GTI, they both offer a sporty and modern look. However, one thing that makes the GTI stands apart from the basic model of Golf is the sport side skirts and honeycomb mesh grille with red accents.

Turning towards the internal features, GTI has plaid seats, matching with the car’s modern look. Else, all other features like touch-screen system, interior ambient lighting, safety, and Bluetooth with audio streaming, offer a great and same value in both the cars.

difference between golf and gti
Features of Volkswagen Golf Vs GTI. Source: Hall Cars

Overall, if you want a good speedy ride on the highway, VW GTI is the best choice for you. But, if you are looking for a better mileage, VW Golf is the best-suited option. In other words, to select between difference between Golf and GTI, it depends on your need that which car fits into your selection list.