Toyota Noah Vs Voxy – Difference Between The Two Twins

The people who are loyal customers of Toyota are often confused between minivans, Toyota Noah, and its twin Toyota Voxy. The similarities between the two are such that picking one out of the two is a lot tricky. That is why; a comparison has been laid down between the two so that you can decide better when it comes to Toyota Noah vs Voxy.

Toyota Noah vs Voxy- A Comprehensive Comparison

Toyota has introduced Toyota Noah and its twin counterpart, Toyota Voxy for families who love flocking together for journeys down the road. Here’s a review of the two so that you can better decide between Toyota Noah vs Toyota Voxy.

1. The exteriors: How it looks like?

Both Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy are minivan models and they share many similarities. However, there are still subtle differences in their exterior designs: 

The Toyota Noah is designed to reflect a boxy, boat-like structure that has set a standard for others to follow. The minivan incorporates two sliding doors that give an interesting and unique look to it. It has a fair ground clearance for maneuvering through bumpy roads and has enhanced stability. Toyota Noah has small tires and a large built-in fuel tank for traveling longer distances smoothly.

When it comes to Toyota Noah vs Voxy, one should know that the latter has a unique design that resembles a boxy-shaped structure. The large headlamps and the low ground clearance set it apart from Toyota Noah. The minivan is a successor of Toyota Noah, and so it holds a similar cabin capacity to that of Noah. The angled and rectangular design aids in lessening the overall drag coefficient.

Toyota Noah vs Voxy explained
Selecting between Toyota Noah vs Voxy. (Photo Source: wikimedia)

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2. The interiors: What lies inside?

Toyota Noah came prior to Toyota Voxy, and so it was the first alike model that ruled the market. The minivan supported accommodation of 8 people initially, but with time, a newer version with a 5-seater capacity was introduced. The model is popular for its roomy and a comfortable interior that has made it a preferable choice among families.

Comparison between Toyota Noah vs Voxy
Toyota Noah vs Voxy car. (Photo Source: otosia)

As for Toyota Voxy, its interior is deemed to be the most comfortable among all. The minivan too comes with an eight-seat accommodation but offers larger room space than Noah. The easily adjustable and comfortable seats and a platform for adjusting the beverage bottles have made it the best choice among families. The pollen elimination system in the Voxy sets it apart from Noah, when Voxy vs Noah is in question. You could go through the car comparison section for the comparison between other popular cars.

3. The comparison between the two

The two minivans appear to be similar on various grounds. Still, there is a thin line that sets it apart from the rest. We will conclude some highlight differences of Toyota Noah and Voxy to help you easily follow: 

Design and styling

The Toyota Noah has a more conservative and rounded design, emphasizing a sleek and aerodynamic profile. On the other hand, the Toyota Voxy has a more angular and boxy design, giving it a slightly more aggressive and modern appearance.

Seating configuration

One of the significant differences between Noah and Voxy is their seating configuration. The Toyota Noah typically offers a three-row seating arrangement with a 2-3-2 configuration, allowing seating for seven or eight passengers. In contrast, the Toyota Voxy features a more versatile arrangement with captain’s chairs in the second row, offering a 2-2-2 configuration and seating for six passengers. This configuration provides more comfort and flexibility for passengers in the second row.

Interior features

While both models offer a comfortable and practical interior, there may be some differences in the available features and finishes. The specific trim levels and optional packages can influence the interior amenities, such as upholstery materials, infotainment systems, and interior styling elements.

Go through the following table to get a reasonable idea about the differences and similarities between the two. 

Comparison Parameter

Toyota Noah

Toyota Voxy

  • Seats

Folding seats

Electric powered seats

  • Ground Clearance

Comparatively higher


  • Pollen Elimination System

Not available


  • Engine



  • Interior space



  • Cost(Hybrid Model)

Around 116, 800

Around 124,800

  • Engine Technology



  • Logo

Nicely crafted “N”

The bold “V”

  • Navigation System



  • Climate Control System



  • Parking System

Intelligent parking assist

Intelligent parking assist

  • Second-Row Seats

Swiveling seats

Swiveling seats

Watch the below video for visual viewpoint into two cars!

The Final Words

When it comes to Toyota Noah vs Voxy, it would be clear that there are more similarities between them than differences. Being twins, the two are similarly designed with fewer variations. Many people believe that it is the Toyota Voxy that maintains a better design and drive experience while others rely on Noah. In the end, it’s all about your preference and personal viewpoint, and believe it or not; you’ll enjoy any of them, equally.