Cracking The Toyota Highlander Vs 4runner Comparison

Choosing a car is always a tough choice. The decision gets tougher when you have to choose in between two best car models. Isn’t the struggle real? The same thing can be felt when you have to make a decision between Toyota Highlander vs 4runner.

Both the cars, Toyota 4runner vs highlander, are simply amazing and have been attracting audience’s interest ever since they were introduced. So, what makes these two cars different from one another? Which one of the two cars should you choose? Here is a quick comparison between these two cars Toyota Highlander vs 4runner so that you can easily make up your choice.

Toyota Highlander Vs 4runner Comparison – The Ultimate Guide

1. The Exterior Of The Cars

You will notice the first difference in these cars as soon as you witness these SUVs for the first time. To begin 4runner vs highlander, the Toyota 4runner is more of an off-road vehicle with ready to go anywhere appearance. On the other side, talking about the Highlander, it is more of a traditional SUV with family crossover appearance and looks.

Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Toyota Highlander looking from the back.(Photo Source: Toyota)
Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Looking from the side, every detail is smooth. (Photo Source: Toyota)
Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Highlander’s head give us stalwart feeling. (Photo Source: Toyota)

Despite the fact that both SUVs are from the same Toyota brand, the 4runner appears as a truck-based model while the Toyota Highlander is in the car based model look. The truck-based 4runner SUV from Toyota is designed for the off-road experiences in terrain-tackling. The car-based design of the Highlander SUV is for the family shuttling.

 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Toyota 4runner at side point of view. (Photo Source: Toyota)
 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Toyota 4 runner has boxy design. (Photo Source: Toyota)
 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
The car design give us powerful feeling in every aspect. (Photo Source: Toyota)

2. Interior Of The Cars

The next noticeable thing in between Toyota Highlander vs 4runner is their interior. The different cabins offered by the two cars clearly mark the differences in their offered interiors. Though, both the cars are so that they offer the best of features in their interior section but highlander turns to be more comfortable.

 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
View inside Toyota Highlander in front seats. (Photo Source: Pixabay)
 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Large space for carrying with Toyota Highlander. (Photo Source: toyota)
 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Front seats look comfortable for drivers. (Photo Source: toyota)

As the Highlander car in between the Toyota Highlander vs 4runner is designed considering the family needs, its interiors are kept quite comfortable, according to the family needs. Other than the offered comfort, the car’s interior is simple to use, has simple controls and soft-touch surfaces along with the family-friendly reachability.

To match with its exterior, 4runner has its interiors alike the pickup truck. With its right angles and hard surfaces, you can also get the muscular and robust appearance

 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
It is amazing classic design. (Photo Source: toyota)
Inspiring interior colors simple Design of Toyota 4runner sand beige interior. (Photo Source: Toyota)
 Toyota Highlander vs 4runner
Toyota 4runner only provides 2 rows of seat.(Photo Source: Toyota)

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Other than this, there is also the visible difference in their seating arrangements. The Highlander will offer you three-row seating arrangement and the 4runner just offers the regular two-row seating arrangement.

3. Driving Experience

Both the car delivers an awesome driving experience but you can feel the major difference when you are behind the wheels. The major difference in the driving experience between Toyota Highlander vs 4runner, is that 4runner will give you a feel of more-like truck behavior. On the other side, in Highlander, you can experience the behavior of a car-like model.

If you don’t have the hushed engine and the plush seating with higher priority in your list, you will thoroughly enjoy driving 4runner.

4. Technology And Offered Features

Both the cars offer the best of technology and features to make their impact on the customers and you can clearly witness that in Toyota highlander vs Toyota 4runner. Highlander offers quite a long list of features, out of which some of them are:

  • Lane-departure warning
  • Automatic brakes along with the forward collision warning
  • Backup camera with standard features
  • Rear crossing traffic alerts
  • Monitoring of the blind spot
  • 8-inch touchscreen
Technologies and features on Toyota.(Photo Source: Toyota)

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On the other side, 4runner is also a gem when it comes to the offered technology and features. Some of the offered features are as follow:

  • Standard backup camera
  • Rear and front parking sensors
  • 6.1-inch touchscreen

As far as the offered technology and features are concerned, both Toyota Highlander vs 4runner don’t compete with one another. 4runner is an off-road vehicle, favoring analog over the digital features and the Highlander is more of a car with modern whistles.

5. Safety

Safety is one concerning feature in the SUVs and it thus given extreme importance in the difference between highlander and 4runner. As per the tests conducted by the ‘National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’, Highlander became the winner with the perfect rating of 5-stars. 4runner is not far behind and earned the ratings of 4-stars.

According to the other tests conducted by the non-profit insurance institutes, 4runner lacks a little behind than the Highlander. Also, the design and interior of Highlander is made with all the essential safety features while some of them are missing from 4runner.

Thus, with ‘Top Safety Pick+’ design, highlander marks itself as a winner amongst Toyota Highlander vs 4runner.


Both the SUVs introduced in the year 2015 targets the different kinds of people. Toyota Highlander is comfortable for the family-oriented audience class with better safety features while 4runner is for the people who enjoy driving truck-like vehicles. Compare Toyota highlander and 4runner and then choose.